Dear Planet Fedora

inode0 inode0 at
Wed Sep 24 11:17:46 UTC 2008

In recent days Planet Fedora has been littered with purely partisan
political diatribes which project the image of Fedora as if it were an
arm of one particular political party in North America. If I want to
read the Daily Kos I know where to find it. If I want to read about
Fedora activities I would rather not have to wade through and filter
out the Daily Kos material on Planet Fedora.

Regardless of the associations being projected (it would be equally
obnoxious if the posts were of a different persuasion), they seem to
me to be presenting an image of this project as something it isn't and
I really don't care to be bombarded with discussions about macro
economic blame theories or arguments about whether one candidate
should be impeached or not on Planet Fedora.

While I didn't agree with the board's actions to quash discussion of
the GPL on the fedora mailing list I find the incongruity between that
and Fedora's willingness to syndicate political rants on Planet Fedora

If I as a Fedora ambassador am expected to read Planet Fedora and if
Fedora would like me to encourage other ambassadors (and others in
general for that matter) to read Planet Fedora I would encourage you
to consider facilitating a feed that doesn't contain political
messages that are irrelevant to the Fedora project or at least in some
way discourage them. These do not in any way promote Fedora and most
likely will alienate people from the Fedora project for no good


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