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On Wed, 2008-09-24 at 07:56 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:

> So it might be appropriate to do as mozilla (apparently?) does and
> subscribe only specific tags to planet, so that authors have to tag a
> post as 'planet' or 'mozilla' before it shows up on planet, and they
> can exclude posts if they want to. 

That in fact is what I did myself when I moved to  I found
myself self-censoring content on my blog because I didn't want it to
become part of the Fedora planet feed.

I agree with the original mission you gave, and I do think it is a bit
of a loss that you all don't read about my chickens, homeschool science
experiments, and the like.  But with a Planet that big, there have to be
some group-level filters.  I think using tags/categories is the best
method, so one isn't stifled but can control the firehose.

> I don't think there are speech
> concerns that way, since people can still speak on their own blogs all
> they want to- it just doesn't get associated with fedora. I personally
> would ignore that feed and would want to 'rebuild' a full, unfiltered
> feed, but maybe that is something the project could also consider
> providing. Alternately, you could create something like the GNOME
> 'news' planet: which aggregates from various
> sub-project blogs. The reality is that no one reads that, though,
> perhaps because, you know, it is boring as hell :)

I just figure if someone likes me enough personally, I'll get added by
tag or full feed to their personal read.  I want my Fedora-related stuff
on the Fedora planet.  Maybe I am looking at it more like a news source,
sort of.

Another way to look at it is, when there are only twenty people in the
room, it is feasible for everyone to quiet down so one person can have
their Big Say.  Even when broken into smaller groups.  When the number
of people and room gets bigger, it becomes necessary to limit a bit of
what and how long someone can speak, so they don't become dominant.  I
think it is more a factor of growth and scope.

What I would be interested to see instead is some sub-planets that *do*
pull potentially wider feeds, but by group.  We could have an "all Docs"
or "all Board members" that gives a more personal view.

- Karsten
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