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Mon Sep 29 13:18:50 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-09-28 at 19:36 +0530, "Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ)" wrote:
> Paul W. Frields wrote:
> > I've asked the Board to see whether any sort of policy is needed on
> > downstream Fedora remix project announcements in official Fedora
> > channels like the low-traffic announce lists.  As always we encourage
> > community input and participation in the discussion.
> Do we anticipate a need for a policy for announcements ? As in, do we
> anticipate specific corner cases ?

I think the concern is simply, the remixes and communities around them
are likely to grow with the simplification of the trademark guidelines.
Having every downstream remix announce to f-announce-l might overwhelm
the low-volume list.  Another way to look at it is, should we allow RHEL
and CentOS release announcements on f-announce-l?  Where do we draw the

Currently, I'm liking the idea of doing a remix-specific announcement
list and asking some group to send the occasional email to f-announce-l
highlighting a few recent remixes with a pointer to more.

- Karsten
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