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Paul W. Frields stickster at
Tue Aug 4 13:33:41 UTC 2009

Along with the redesign of the get-fedora page, the Board wants to
have a revamped page completed.[1]  The purpose
of the revision would be to provide a more functional and attractive
entry point from which users could look at all the possible spin
options to decide which is best for their needs.  The current page is
simply a tracker, and offers no qualitative information that can be
used to promote a spin, or encourage a user to join in the community
effort around it.  A new spins.fp.o page is intended to serve:

* People who have specific needs beyond simply a functional desktop,
  such as specialized tools or a particular environment

* People who have enough technical knowledge to discern their
  computer's architecture

* People who are looking for a specific team effort in which they can
  get involved

* People who have seen a specific spin in action or on display, and
  want a copy of that spin specifically

* People who prefer to choose from an a la carte-style listing of
  options and feel comfortable deciding for themselves

* People who are interested in information about what a spin is, and
  how they can create one using common tools.

This entry point would lead to additional pages, each containing
content provided by the SIG or other persons responsible for that
spin.  That content could include promotional and technical material
that would allow users to make decisions and encourage them to get
involved in the team efforts behind the spin.  All spins would get an
individual page, and the entry point would present the collection in
some logical form.  The get-fedora page should provide a clear route
to this spins entry point for people who want choices beyond the
default, and similarly, this entry point should provide an "escape
hatch" for people who do not want to make a choice from the many spin

Some earlier mockups were done in pursuit of such a system[1], but the
designs were based on the existence of an automated spin creation
facility.  Although that remains an option for the future, it needn't
be a blocker for giving spin creators a much better way to show off
their work.

Finally, the Board decided that a new get-fedora page should not be
published until the new spins.fp.o is available.

= = =
    These mockups aren't current, nor are they intended for
    critiques.  They're referenced here purely for historical

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