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FAD in late January or early/mid February?

Back in December, I wrote about the idea of having Fedora Activity Days (FAD) to complement FUDCons as the "top level" Fedora events in 2009.

The idea of FADs, in short, is that they can be more numerous than FUDCons because they have one or two specific goals (anything related to Fedora), target a smaller number of people in a specific region or city, and are far less expensive.

In an ideal world, we'll get to a point where we are having 2 FADs per month, in various places all over the world.

I assume there's a lot of energy and motivation for various projects coming out of FUDCon, and I'd like to see if any feature or group of people would like to capitalize on that by organizing a FAD sometime between now and, say, February 13th, so that the budget to support that FAD can come out of the Community Architecture budget that disappears at the end of February.

We're holding at FAD at FOSDEM in Brussels at the beginning of February, and Sankarshan/Rahul are working on organizing one or more in India between now and the end of February.

I think we could probably fit one more in, and for the purposes of balance, it would be nice to do it somewhere in North America, and use it to move forward something that was discussed at FUDCon.

If anyone wants to go for it, see:




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