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Re: Xuropa offers FEL free exhibition space

2009/1/14 Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>:
> * Is it possible that such a donation feature may be more trouble to
> track than it's actually worth?  Can we do the site *without* a
> donation feature?

Unless something has changed, I think you'll have a hard time tracking
any donation inside the existing Red Hat account structure.
We'd need a separate non-profit methinks. But is it worth it? I think
it could be, if we were able to have a long standing and very specific
reason to take donations.

Personally I would for example LOVE to see a way for community to
donate towards the endowment of another Fedora scholarship instead of
just having Red Hat pony up all the money.. I'd like to see some sort
of corporate matching challenge with regard to the scholarship
program.  I even think I mentioned that to Greg at one point.  Or take
in donations for travel grants for Fedora contributors to apply for to
go to conferences.


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