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Re: Xuropa offers FEL free exhibition space

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 9:09 PM, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:
> To run their own donation collection box..no of course not.  And they
> are free to do that.
> But if they wanted to associate that collection directly with the
> Fedora project brand, leveraging the Fedora brand value to increase
> interest in donation, but handle all the details of the collection and
> distribution...that would be a trademark issue I believe.

Hmm wrong !

"I" requested the Fedora trademark (logo) to use Fedora Logo and
"Fedora" along with "Electronic Lab" . Just like at LinuxTag, Fedora
Ambassadors hang Fedora Banners with Fedora Trademark on it. Other
companies such as Cadence , Mathworks have the own booth/Lab along
side with their logos.

By the way, in the past, my fedora trademark request was approved to
do marketing about fedora.

I have been given admin rights by James for the FEL's Online Booth. So
like a Fedora Ambassador at the Booth, I'll hang the Fedora Logo.

Fedora Trademark has nothing to do with the donation feature. Please
don't complicate things when it is not a problem.

Remember the little donation at the Fedora booth at Linuxtag or
Fosdem? Interpret it likewise.

Like Matt pointed is simple and I'm grateful that James accepted my
request. With our teleconference yesterday, we have built up a mutual
trust. Since James said
" I suggest we decouple this from moving forward and put it on a
parallel track as we work through the process."

I'll be delighted to open out booth very soon.
Don't leave me logoless !

Chitlesh Goorah

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