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Re: Fedora Board Recap 2009-01-13

On Thursday, January 15 2009, John Poelstra said:
> === Observations and Possible Changes ===
> * Some barcamp sessions were not presented or organized very well
> * What if we required a slide deck prepared a week before FUDCon?

As soon as you start requiring prepared presentations, you start
diverging quite a bit from the barcamp nature and into traditional
"conference presentation" land...

> ** Lots of presentations which resulted in 45 total sessions
> ** Resulted in too many conflicts

While this makes it hard to get to everything you want, I think that
it's a huge success to get a lot of people wanting to talk about what
they are passionate about.  Maybe an answer is to have more barcamp
time as opposed to hackfest time?  Especially as there ends up being
plenty of random hacking that just occurs in the hallway.  Just trying
to sort of brainstorm out loud here.

> * Some sessions were the "same old people" where the information being  
> presented was already known by a majority of the audience

If people were going to the talks, then it wasn't the same old.  If you
know it, get up and leave.  That's what the barcamp format is all about.

> * By the third day a lot of people seem tired and less engaged

This is just the nature of "deep" days like we had -- and it would have
been the fourth day for some people given the Day0 stuff


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