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Fedora 11 Alpha Readiness Meeting


== Invitees ==
Ambassadors & Documentation -- David Nalley (present)
Artwork/Design -- Máirín Duffy
FESCo -- Jon Stanley (present)
Fedora Engineering Manager -- Tom "Spot" Callaway (present)
Fedora Project Leader -- Paul Frields (present)
Infrastructure -- Mike McGrath (present)
Marketing -- Jack Aboutboul
Quality -- Will Woods (present)
Release Engineering -- Jesse Keating (present)
Translation -- Dimitris Glezos (present)
Websites -- Ricky Zhou (present)

Facilitator -- John Poelstra (present)

== Goals of this meeting ==
o Make sure we are all aware of the tasks that need to be completed for for a successful Alpha release
o Make sure that everyone has what they need from other groups
o Meeting for no more than one hour
o NOT make policy decisions or set new directions for Fedora, etc. All those things should continue to happen in the individual teams in their usual transparent manner

== Release Engineering ==
o Everything looking good
--in better shape than usual due to longer freezes and diligence to get rawhide installable each day
o Pre-staging master mirror and should be ready today
o Next create RC for liveimages
o Owning creation of the alpha release announcement

== Quality ==
o Things are looking good
o PPC looking questionable--not sure if it will work or not; this will not block the release o Will is working on getting a central place that collects reports from community as to whether rawhide installs successfully on a given day

== FESCo ==
o ext4 default file system
--going to revisit after alpha and beta to make sure functionality is solid and no data corruption issues
o Seeking status for Presto
  --Spot will track this down

== Ambassadors & Documentation ==
o Release notes one page is ready
o https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Alpha_release_notes
o Docs team will own the release announcement for the following releases going forward:
  --Final (GA)

== Infrastructure ==
o Everything in infrastructure looks good
o Quick check with release engineering on sizing
  --Release Engineering reports needing ~60 gigs
o Working with Red Hat IT to upgrade Netapp filers
  --This won't happen until March 2009 at the earliest
  --space constraints may be a problem in the future
--Release Engineering noted that all Fedora 7 and 8 material can be purged

== Translation ==
o No translatable items for the Alpha
o Things going well

== Websites Team ==
o Need to obtain alpha banner from Art team
o Need links and content on http://fedoraproject.org/get-prerelease
  --points to Fedora 10 content
o Need to add link to http://fedoraproject.org/get-prerelease from http://fedoraproject.org/get-fedora

== Paul Frields ==
o Working on getting alpha talking points in place--focal point of press interviews

== Spot Callaway ==
o Need to do ambitious triage during test releases
o Need to have a regular working anaconda or prewarn people when possible that it will not be working
  --Spot to talk with anaconda team
o Identified high priority components to triage (bug triage team is working on a similar effort):
  --components put forth by Spot, Jesse, and Will included:
--kernel, *xorg*, firefox, evolution, nautilus, kdebase, kdelibs, gtk, gnome-libs, anaconda, selinux-policy-*, NetworkManager, PackageKit, yum, rpm, gdm, plymouth, firstboot, and upstart
     --there are probably others
--Jon Stanley volunteered to create an RSS feed to automatically query new rawhide bugs for these components
  --John Poelstra to help organize tracker triage days going forward

== Not Discussed ==
o After the meeting John Poelstra filed an RFE with infrastructure to make these meetings publicly accessible in the future

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