Proposal for ML conduct

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Thu May 14 18:46:25 UTC 2009

The Board had a long discussion today about the increasingly toxic
nature of discussions on Fedora Project mailing lists.  The meeting
minutes are available on the wiki[1], as always.  I wanted to point
specifically to the proposal currently before the Board.

The problem:  The Board is disappointed at the degradation in tone and
signal of some Fedora Project lists.

The proposal:

To resolve this, the Board appoints one or more Board members or other
Board-approved volunteers to monitor Fedora Project mailing lists.
The Board will warn violators of our "Be excellent to each other"
policy in the form of a one-day list moderation (with notice to the
poster).  Messages not allowed through will be returned to the poster
with explanation as to why they were not allowed.  If after one day of
moderation, the violation continues, the case will be brought to the
Board for further action, which could include permanent moderation,
complete removal from the project, or other remedies. 
  Being excellent to each other == No personal attacks, profanity
  directed at people or groups, serious threats of violence, or other
  things seen by the monitor as to be purposefully disrespectful.

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