"What is the Fedora Project?"

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Fri Oct 9 01:57:53 UTC 2009

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 01:27:50PM -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> I agree. I think that more experienced users and developers are a
> little frightened of a Fedora Simple - there's certainly a risk of
> making it annoying for them, but I don't think that will necessarily
> be the case. I think if we do things right, in the end a Fedora
> Simple would be something good for advanced techies to use as well.
> E.g., I don't think OS X's primary target is developers, but I think
> there are plenty of highly-technical developers and other folks who
> enjoy using OS X.
> >I think the thing that leaves me unsettled is that all of this
> >seems to stem from the fact that some new users are not having a
> >great experience with Fedora, and rather than analyze that problem
> >and work on usability improvements, we are choosing to let those
> >users go somewhere else, whether that is Mac OSX or Ubuntu or
> >Windows. I think that such a decision is terribly short-sighted,
> >and will result in a long-term loss of contributors, community, and
> >possibly the eventual irrelevance of Fedora.
> Absolutely agreed.

I do too, and I also believe that Mo's point above is an excellent
summary of how I would respond to people who talk about dumbing down
Linux or Fedora.  I have been to a *lot* of open source conferences in
the past two years, enough that I'm no longer surprised to see that
many people there are using Mac OS X.

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