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Thu Oct 15 23:13:03 UTC 2009

On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 12:17:30AM +0300, Dimitris Glezos wrote:
> I beieve the long threads about what is Fedora are extremely valuable.
> But I also believe that we online/email is not the best place to have
> them.
> We have these excellent events called FUDCons and FADs. I believe the
> Board/RH should take a bold decision and sponsor the travel of a few
> key people to participate in the nearest event, and have a 4-hour
> workshop about our direction. Specifically, the Board should be there,
> as well as past Board members, key people in the community (eg. very
> active FESCo members etc), and anyone else wanting to participate in
> this discussion.
> Clearly, online talk isn't really leading anywhere. Or it leads
> somewhere in a very painful and slow way.

I agree that the email threads are not ultimately going to lead to the
best discussion possible.  However, they're very much necessary to the
transparency of the Fedora Project and the health of our community.

Six of the Board members and I (missing you, John, and Josh) will be
at FUDCon Toronto.  In addition, six of the nine members of FESCo will
be there.  It's an excellent opportunity to get together, I agree, and
I've already added at least one session for the Board:


Because the discussions we're currently having on email have generated
a number of interesting proposals and discussions thus far, however, I
don't want to shut them down in favor of a "coming soon" discussion
that most community members won't be around to see or hear.  I've
already been talking with Jon Stanley and a couple other FESCo folks
about a joint session, and would be happy to write that in as well,
but for that session to be successful, we first need to arrive at a
set of questions that we can successfully answer at the event.  I feel
like the discussions happening on FAB are helping us make progress
toward that point.

I had intended to put together a preliminary list of those questions
today but spent much of the day recovering from a week of absence and
picking up the resulting loose threads.  Tomorrow I'll be delving into
that task more deeply.

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