Fedora Board Recap 2009-10-29 UTC 1600

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Thu Oct 29 20:23:50 UTC 2009


== Roll Call ==
* Attending:  Tom "spot" Callaway, Mike McGrath, John Poelstra, Paul Frields, Bill Nottingham, Dennis Gilmore, Matt Domsch
* Regrets:  Christopher Aillon, Dimitris Glezos, Josh Boyer

== Last meeting ==


== Proposed Agenda ==

=== Audience profile refinement ===

* Limit to 30 minutes
* Use gobby to detail more characteristics, as a starting place
** People voluntarily switching to Linux (in general? or fedora in particular?), not really "my aunt Tessie"
*** Better phrased -- conscious and independent choice to install and use a Linux platform
*** Not being forced into it -- willing to do an installation
*** Family member or friend support available (?)
**** Paul disagrees with above -- We want people to be able to run Fedora without support from a friend/family member (its just a reason why someone might take the jump to linux)
**** Does this mean we can assume an informed choice?  Yes
*** Why did this person switch then?
**** stability
**** free of cost, functionality
**** lower risk (viruses, spyware, malware)
**** Family relationship to RHEL/CentOS (familiarity)
**** later:
***** free as in speech is secondary for many people, it's the hook that keeps them after they've already experienced the other beneficial effects
***** care about community later, after they discover the methodology and participation
*** What does this person expect when she installs?
**** Is comfortable with the idea that their whole hard disk may be erased
**** Wants the installation to take as few steps as possible
**** Does not want to be presented with choices that are not understandable
** People who are not necessarily hackers, but are familiar with computers
*** (Not reached in time limit)
** People who are likely to fix something that is not working (or at least collaborate or report when it's not working)
*** (Not reached in time limit)
** People looking to perform one or more of the following tasks:
*** web browsing, email
*** office productivity
*** graphic arts
*** publishing
*** audio listeners
*** simple web services
*** collaboration & communication (IRC, gobby, IM)
**** All facilities that get the user in touch with any of our help venues
*** software development (cross platform, JAVA, not necessarily the development that we do)
* Board made it partially into the first area, and realizes that this is not a project that can be done alone -- more of a thought exercise
** Not trying to create propaganda (Why switch?) -- rather to understand the person who we want to target, and create/maintain what they would naturally want to use
* AGREED: Board will engage with more design folks to find out how we can do this methodically and transparently
* ACTION: Paul to copy to a wiki page for collaboration with others

=== FUDCon sessions ===
* Suggestion:
** One session: FUDCon + Board roundtable Q & A (incl. target audience preso if needed)
** One session: Update discipline intro (hopefully presenting ML ideation, not starting from scratch).  
*** Need a proposal to present to the audience for feedback and revision during the session. (Paul is planning to take a first shot at this) (spot made a pseudo-proposal in the old thread-of-doom)
** Hackfests would take over work on updates, unfrozen Rawhide
** Election town hall is separate
* Want:
** Feedback from community on target audience discussion
** Community to understand that both the board and FESCo are in favor of a more disciplined approach to updates
*** hopefully a proposal has been drafted in advance that can be clarified or ratified
* ACTION: Paul to take first shot at proposal, possibly using some or all of Spot's pseudo-proposal from FAB

== Next Meeting ==
* Public IRC Meeting, 2009-11-05
* DST time change on Sunday, 2009-11-01 makes next meeting 1700 UTC, or same human time 12:00pm US-Eastern/9:00am US-Pacific
* ACTION: Paul to send out notifications

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