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Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"

On 10/07/2009 12:11 AM, John Poelstra wrote:


At last week's meeting we said we would continue our discussion here.
Here I go :)

1) I'm still advocating that it is our responsibility to move things
forward and own these issues. Are there any board members that disagree?
Speak now or we will assume you are in agreement. :-)
2) We really need to resolve this topic that has been on the board's
agenda since January 2009. For some of us, since we joined in July 2009.
I'm proposing that we set a hard deadline of "the end of FUDCon." This
means that by the time we leave FUDCon the first part of December 2009,
this issue will be officially closed and off our agenda until there is a
reason to revisit it and we can start 2010 with a clean slate. Are there
any board members who would not be able to commit to this goal?

I thought we were already commited and on our way to getting there, tbh...

3) I am proposing a few unanswered questions that must be answered to
bring greater clarity to why Fedora exists and what it seeks to
accomplish which will allow us to close this issue. I'd wager that
answering these questions will require each of us to sit down and spend
some time thinking about them vs. replying in 5 minutes to this email.
Naturally we'd also love feedback from everyone on this list.

(a) Define a target audience for the Fedora distribution (or maybe
narrow the definition to "default spin")--without a clear target
audience for our product there is a lack of clarity around when we are
"done." It also makes it difficult to make decisions about release
quality and release composition.

Didn't we answer this already and give it to the websites and art teams to implement?

(d) Set a goal of five things we believe should be improved or fixed by
the release of Fedora 13 that will make the Fedora Distribution a better
product or the Fedora Project a stronger community. What should those
things be?

I sent my 5 things out in a different thread Saturday, ergg.., just now.. seems it didn't go through initially. :(

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