Trademark license agreement status

Robert 'Bob' Jensen bob at
Tue Sep 8 14:17:29 UTC 2009

----- "Richard Körber" <fedora at> wrote:

> Paul,
> thank you and Pamela for your efforts regarding the TLA. Anyhow my
> questions about a proper "permitted use" remained unaddressed.
> I spent the weekend thinking, and finally I decided to close down my
> Fedora site. I can publish the content anywhere else, so after all,
> we're just talking about a mere domain. For me, it's not worth all
> the
> fuss. It's easier to continue writing about Fedora in my private
> blog,
> though honestly with less motivation to do so.
> It's an experience with a slightly bitter touch, because this is the
> second time I finally closed down a successful community site because
> of
> American trademark law.

Sad to see some of the spirit that made this community so cool for the last 5 years die, killed by lawyers.

-- Bob

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