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== Roll call ==

* Attendees: Bill Nottingham, Tom 'spot' Callaway, John Poelstra, Mike McGrath, Dennis Gilmore, Josh Boyer, Matt Domsch, Christopher Aillon, Paul Frields
* Regrets: Dimitris Glezos

== Last meeting ==


== Agenda ==

=== Brazilian Fedora site ===

** Board requested specific changes to accommodate licensing 
** Changes have been made by domain owner, minus link to projetofedora.org
** Link intended to show Brazilian community members where to interact with Fedora Ambassadors and other people who are involved with our central community
** Board issue: OK to drop requirement for link to projetofedora.org?
** Board agrees, OK to drop
* ACTION: Paul to send TLA once finalized

=== Firmware license acceptance ===


* Firmware license triggers on use, not redistribution
* How can we handle informing users of the terms? (Not firstboot,
  that's too late)
* Another Spot issue -- any answer from Legal yet?
** Intel CPU microcode firmware license doesn't trigger on use; AMD does (but it's not in Fedora yet)
** Spot: Emailed counsel to ask about it
** Counsel responds that none of the licenses currently in use (or in consideration) would require us to inform the user in advance
* No further action required at this time

=== Commercial non-software goods license ===


* Thus far we have given only licenses for non-commercial use, but the need for a Fedora store means we should consider the alternative as well. 
* Bill to present some possibilities at this meeting
** Bill presented some history and broad categories of situations the Board would find favorable and unfavorable
*** Favorable
**** Proceeds used to fund Fedora activities or compatible free and open source activities
**** Goods sold in conjunction with Fedora software, e.g. media or preloads
**** Goods sold together in a store, e.g. a variety of items offered for sale
*** Unfavorable
**** Goods sold as a small portion of a larger unrelated business
**** Goods sold in a way that does not largely benefit the Fedora Project as a whole
** Spot clarified needs:
*** Ambassadors getting custom design freebies at shows (custom design)
*** Ambassadors getting stock branded stuff from local vendors (stock design)
*** Random user buying a Fedora branded item and not having to pay astronomical shipping costs
** Paul: Design team tends to do a good job receiving and addressing logo/design questions
** Bill: Need a preferred vendor in each geo, local Ambassadors work with the vendor to achieve good swag quality/design
** Spot: Vendors may be doing other swag provision, beyond Fedora branded goods; they should be able to set up a Brand Fuel-like store front which the Ambassadors can monitor
*** Spot: Handling the money is the hardest part (where does it go, transparency)
** Dennis: Ambassador question: "What do we do with the money we receive back?"
** Spot: First step before setting up a vendor is to go to Finance in Red Hat and ask them to help us figure out a way of doing this.
** Poelstra: Can we do an exchange of goods (free swag for shows, etc.) rather than a monetary exchange?
*** Goods exchange is difficult to quantify in a way that's equitable to vendor and Fedora Project; might be more difficult than money and hard to make transparent
** Paul: Max was talking to a potential .eu vendor with the idea of a separate branded Fedora site; all proceeds go into a holding fund at the vendor that discounts goods for Ambassador use; transparency through management by Fedora people
** John: Why are we against someone making money selling Fedora goods if it spreads our brand?
*** Paul: Fedora brand identity includes transparency
*** Spot: Want to make sure that a portion of the profits are somehow coming back to Fedora (in a legal and manageable way)
* Criteria for setting up a vendor relationship to sell non-software goods:
*# Transparency to the entire process
*# Everything needs to be professional: website, finished goods, good customer service, contract, etc.
*# Fedora retains design control over all goods sold
*# OPTIONAL: Allow design submissions from community

Unanswered question around whether Fedora (can/does/wants to) receive funds
* ACTION: Paul to get with Max and Red Hat Finance to get latest guidance, report by Oct. 1

== Next meeting ==

PROPOSED:  2009-09-24 UTC 1600
* Accepted
* Next week: missing Dennis, Matt, and Bill

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