www.fpo redesign status

Máirín Duffy mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Thu Sep 24 07:07:46 UTC 2009


The original due date for the finished www.fpo mockups is this Friday. 
I'm on a business trip this week and it's quite clear to me now I just 
won't be able to make the deadline. :( Would it be okay if I tried for 
next Friday, Oct. 2? It should still leave 2 weeks for HTML/CSS on those 
pages, and the spins mocks have been done for a week so it shouldn't 
hold up Hiemanshu & co. since they still have those to work on.

For reference our schedule is:

     * DONE: #Requirements gathering
     * DONE: #First design mockups
     * DONE Aug 21 - Aug 28 : gather feedback, determine metrics, 
usability testing for spins.fp.o (mizmo)
     * DONE Aug 21 - Sep 04 : gather feedback, determine metrics, 
usability testing for get.fp.o (mizmo)
     * DONE Aug 28 - Sep 20 : Final design mockups for spins.fp.o (mizmo)
     * Sep 04 - Sep 27 : Final design mockups for get.fp.o (mizmo)
     * Sep 20 - Oct 20: convert spins.fp.o and get.fp.o to html/css 
     * Oct 20 : get spins.fp.o and get.fp.o onto infrastructure (ricky)


(schedule from https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Website_redesign_2009)

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