Aligning targets

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Sep 30 16:33:56 UTC 2009

John Poelstra (poelstra at said: 
> I think we still have a little work to do.  I'm not sure all the
> bullets in this section are in harmony with each other.

The problem is that those bullets aren't guiding, which is sort of what
Mike is asking for. None of those things implies anything about the target
market or target userbase. The closest one is about how Fedora is F/OSS and
therefore not interested in working on/supporting/etc. closed-source
software - but that's not a point you can make design decisions around.
You could claim 'usability and a "just works" philosophy' is a design point,
but that applies just as much to Asterisk or TurboGears as it does to
Firefox and GNote.


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