Further Revision to Trademark License Agreement

Pamela Chestek pchestek at redhat.com
Wed Sep 30 19:21:08 UTC 2009


In private communication with one community member, a concern was 
expressed that, if the contract was terminated under section 3(b) 
(termination in case of a legal claim), the termination of the contract 
would also end the duty to indemnify. That was not Red Hat's intention, 
so I have therefore added a "Survival" paragraph to the agreement. New 
paragraph 9 says: "Survival. The parties’ rights and obligations, which 
by their nature would continue beyond the termination of this Agreement, 
including, but not limited to, obligations with respect to 
indemnification and actions affecting the validity of the mark, shall 
survive such termination." This is a catch-all way to ensure that all 
the duties under the contract that, by their nature, should continue 
after the contract terminates will continue. "Indemnification" is 
mentioned as a specific example, so there will be no doubt that the duty 
to indemnify for events that occurred during the contract would continue 
after termination. The new paragraph has been added to the wiki version 
of the license for you to see.


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