[Ambassadors] Ohio Linux Fest 2006 Summary

David Barzilay david at projetofedora.org
Wed Oct 4 00:15:18 UTC 2006

Hi Jeff,

Huge kudos to you, Joe Connelly and Brian Pepple!!!

Awesome pics, BTW ;))

Great work,

> The Ohio Linux Fest held this past Saturday, September 30th was a great 
> success!  The booth came together very nicely - we had Fedora T-Shirts, 
> Stickers, Core 5 DVDs and informational handouts available at the booth. 
>   There were three of us primarily working the booth - Joe Connelly and 
> Brian Pepple.  Tom "Spot" Callaway was also there, originally to hang 
> out with us at the Fedora booth, but ended up working the Red Hat booth 
> right next to us - though he was still a great help to us.
> The announced crowd was just over 1200 people, between presentations the 
> aisles were quite packed.  Our booth saw lots of foot traffic with 
> people ranging from new to Linux to having used it since Red Hat 6.x or 
> earlier and wondering what Fedora was up to.
> Nearly all comments were favorable to Fedora, many people were running 
> Fedora in some fashion - either on their own PCs or on servers for 
> businesses they worked for.  There were a few recurring questions 
> through the day, some of which where:
> * Yum is slow was one of the complaints we kept hearing.  It was a 
> pleasure to let people know that there was an updated yum in Core 6 that 
> was aimed at taking on any speed issues.
> * I had several questions regarding the Fedora Directory Server - mainly 
> in regards to features it offered.  There certainly seems to be interest 
> in this.
> * We heard what I thought to be a number of comments alluding to an 
> animosity between the Fedora Project and Red Hat.  I am not quite sure 
> why that thought is out there.
> * There were several questions about who we worked for, etc.  It was 
> nice to reply with we were just members of the Fedora Project community 
> helping out.  I think it really helped reinforce that there is a lot of 
> room for community involvement in the project.
> * And of course there were lots of when is Core 6 coming out and what 
> new features will be in it.
> Later in the afternoon we also had a "Birds of a Feather" session.  Tom 
> Callaway was there and was an excellent and knowledgeable speaker and it 
> was great to have him there.  Some of the items brought up were Fedora 
> and multimedia (mp3's, DVD playback, etc), Xen and virtualization and 
> new features and improvements in Core 6.
> All in all it was a great show.  Lots of fun for everyone involved I 
> think.  I was very happy with how the booth turned out and I think 
> Fedora was very well represented there.  I want to thank all the people 
> that helped get me the materials and information I needed for this event 
> - including Max and David Barzilay.
> And last but not least, here are some of the pictures from the show (I 
> may be adding more as I receive them from the others):
> http://www.elfshadow.net/ohiolinuxfest2006/
> --Jeffrey
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