[Ambassadors] Preparation for FOSS.IN 2006

Kushal Das kushaldas at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 11:06:59 UTC 2006

On Thursday 05 October 2006 16:23, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:
> Kushal Das wrote:
> > About the stall, I am ready to volunteer, gja said he will also join me
> > up.
> If handouts are required to be given out at the stall, get in touch we
> might be able to get something going (and perhaps add content to the
> LinuxAsia handout which gdk had magic-foo-ed)
I will. :)
> I think it might be a good catch if we answer the burning question "I
> want to contribute to/work with Fedora - where do I start" rather than a
> plain overview.
Rahul ... it is for you. 

> If packaging for Extras is the focus area - then it is most important
> that we talk about the workflow associated with becoming a packager and
> getting a packing in FE and finally maintaining it.
About the extras talk my point will be like this :
What is Fedora Extras ?
How to become a contributor ? (Explaining the different steps)
And at the end showing the Fedora specific issues (guidelines)


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