[Ambassadors] Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] Fedora Core 6 Pre release review

Marc Wiriadisastra marc at mwiriadi.id.au
Sat Oct 7 00:13:33 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-10-06 at 19:07 +0300, Dimitrios 'sehh' Michelinakis wrote:
> On Fri, 06 Oct 2006 20:43:20 +0530 Rahul Sundaram <sundaram at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> > A comparative review on Fedora Core 6.
> He is right indeed.
> - the icon theme is indeed outdated, VERY outdated and missing many icons

Possibly although thats a conceptual thing.  I actually like fedora's
icons and layout.

> - firefox 2.0 beta is great and stable to use for most things, definetly an advantage to include in Fedora than the old version

Firefox 2 is still in beta there is a significant issue with FF at the

Firefox by the sounds of it will get renamed.  For a 'full' transcript
have a read of the debian bugzilla  I think it is.  The page is huge and
basically states what FF's standpoint is on using firefox.

> - fedora is the slowest Linux distro i've ever used! He is right to bash on fedora like that, my Intel P4 1Ghz machine with Windoze XP Pro boots in 7 seconds flat! while my Athon64 X2 3800 Dual Core boots Fedora Core 5 in a few minutes!!! jesus! 

Use bootchart to measure it if you can then you can see whats getting
booted up on both.

Also Ubuntu is trying
Upstart instead of init now they seem to be heading to the direction of
running it fully.  It will be interesting to see how it performs
hopefully it improves the boot process even more.

Other factors I'm not sure why but fedora seems less responsive compared
to ubuntu.  I'm not sure where to lay the blame.  My comparative figures
come from playing games using cedega.

Thats not to say fedora is bad I had worse results with vanilla debian.
Yet on boot up and responsiveness on the desktop it was great.

Could it be kernel?  I know ubuntu separates there server kernel's and
the desktop kernels?  Is this an option?
> - the initial boot text is indeed ugly and geeky. We either have a full graphical boot, from start to end or we don't have one. Right now we are half and half, which looks very unfinished and ugly.

Not sure which part you mean tbh

> - yum had problems on my system as well, weird messages about cache not beign writable when it updated fontconfig and other stuff like that. Its also dead slow...

No issues for me on this the only problem I've had with yum is generally
I find 6-10 mirrors that have incorrect signatures.
> - Compiz was a fiasco as well. We've seen the videos from the Novel presentation and what we have in fedora is just two effects (out of 20?). Ofcourse it didn't work at first (like it happened with the author of the review) and even after i got it working i found too many bugs to actualy keep it running (ctrl-fX keys wouldn't work, couldn't change virtual desktops with ctrl-left arrow, etc).

Is this in fedora core 5?  or core 6?  core 5 I got to work.  I couldn't
get novel's to work :(  However, there is no support for either just yet
I don't think or if there is its package level since it is alpha/beta
software at the moment.

> - my media keys on my IBM ThinkPad wouldn't work either. I had to set them up manualy.

I remember there is a package that gets all the media keys working
straight away.  The package name escapes me.  It is in fedora core 5
cause I use them :)

> - The fedora sound theme is indeed a joke... thank god its disabled by default. The GDM beep is... well lets just say its better to be deaf than hearing the PC speaker beep every time GDM loads.
Unfortunately I have to agree with you on this one.  It seems to have
been forgotten.  When you log in there is nice music or at least there
is on mine.  Seeing the new upcomming ubuntu I would say thats snazzy.

> ...
> too late for FC6... lets hope things improve in FC7...

I hope its not to late :(

'He said that fedora feels like a corporate desktop'  I actually agree
with him it feels to me that its sturdy, strong, stable but not sexy.
Not in the looks of it because I actually prefer fc's look :)  Just home
user use.  I suppose as a shocking analogy Windows XP Home and Corporate
comparison or XP and 2003 (I think thats the version)  I don't know much
on windows :)

My 0.02

Marc Wiriadisastra

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