[Ambassadors] Re: [Fedora-marketing-list] XFCE as third official desktop?

Heiko Adams heiko.adams at gmx.de
Sun Oct 8 15:24:33 UTC 2006

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Am Sun, 08 Oct 2006 20:11:05 +0530
schrieb Rahul Sundaram <sundaram at fedoraproject.org>:

> GNOME and KDE are not anymore official in Fedora than XFCE is. Fedora 
> Core 6 installer includes the ability to install applications from 
> Fedora Extras repository. So the end users would be able to do a
> network based installation and select XFCE as default. This has been
> made relatively easy.
Okay, but "normal" users could get the impress that GNOME and KDE are
more "official" than XFCE. But anyway thanks for the correction.
So as I wrote before my friends have already moved to fedora but they
were a little bit surprised that XFCE wasn't available at Fedora Core 5
installer. So at the moment they've got a fedora core 5 system with
XFCE and (a never used) GNOME. They selected GNOME because it's more
like XFCE then KDE and it's never wrong to have a fallback option ;-)

> We are also discussing some changes in the release strategy including 
> availability of extras packages in media. So essentially eliminating
> any practical differences between these repositories at the end user
> level potentially as close as the next release. I guess that should
> satisfy your friends and fans of other alternative window managers
> included in Fedora Extras.
I think that many people would be happy about that.


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