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Rodrigo Menezes rodrigomenezes12 at
Wed Oct 25 20:52:31 UTC 2006

Fedora Project has a big audience in Brazil even without regular meetings.

The first thing to do is marketing, showing in newsletters and websites the Fedora Project name, explaining the local group, the programs, the initiatives. The second goal is create a local site, a few percentage of the people read English, and who does will use a native language site because it's easier.

In Brazil all projects works because people are expecting something. Local forums, lectures, install fest, stand in big events, this is piece of cake. All this is done with a mailing list, only a few meetings. Regular meetings can be annoying  for some people, the first tool must be the mailing list. I think this is a huge step for Fedora in
 Latin communities. 

Go get them tiger!!!

Rodrigo Menezes

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> Guillermo Gómez S. wrote:
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> > I believe we have now enough spanish (around 6 to 10 people)
speaking people here to pursue a dedicated mail list to gain more
eficiency on our work.
> > 
> > ¿ Who's in charge to set that up ?
> You would do better to setup regular Ambassador meetings and establish
a active community first. If you have enough
 active participation 
regularly for a couple of months, we can setup a mailing list.
> Rahul

Excuse me Rahul, but I disagree with you.

Once these members decided getting together, a native-language list
becomes necessary to exchange ideas, energy and enhance motivation, as
these exchanges don't have the same outcome through one's second language.

Weekly or fortnightly meetings aren't enough to create the necessary
collective atmosphere and motivation for people to work together. The
interactions need higher frequency to naturally build communal views and

I am suggesting the Ambassadors from Latin American countries to get
organized and progress using the same "community-building-formula" that
succeeded in Brazil, which roughly is:

1) Get together people interested in promoting the FC distro and ask
them to follow the steps in: (if they are
willing to contribute in other ways, they can join other Fedora
sub-projects) - DONE

2) Create a specific list for your new group, i.e.
fedora-mktg-amcentral at - I HOPE IT GETS DONE ASAP

3) Next, once their group agrees on common goals and wish to work
together, create a website to centralize their efforts and local

4) Participate in open source events taking the "Fedora flag". You can
also organize "InstallFests" and install FC in students and teachers

Additional info at: and

Thanks for listening and I hope everyone can get something
 positive out
of these.

David Barzilay
Marketing and Community Relations Manager

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