[Ambassadors] fc6 - install problems

Steven James Drinnan steven at easytec.com.hk
Fri Oct 27 00:50:05 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

Last night I did a clean install of FC6

I need to know where I report this serious error.

Media test OK

It went through the installation OK.

The pre set up seemed right

But when the pre setup finished it failed to start the xserver

I restarted my computer still no xserver

I then deleted the x11.conf file (bscked up of course)

restarted my computer.

Xserver started running.

As I have some experance now i could figure out what needed to be done  
- but for most novices if that happened to them they whould discard  
linux as rubbish - no joke! If if does not work straight out the box  
most people do not have the time.

As long as it installs I would be happy - some drivers missing OK. But  
no gui. Thats something that will really turn people off.

I am a great fedora/ linux fan, and want to strive to help to get  
fedora out!!!

So ...

2 things
1. who needs to see this report - this is the major one there are  
other issues that make FC6 unusable out of the box

2. Freemedia  - should freemedia be using this realease with the  
current problem.

PC Specs:

Toshiba M30 (laptop) - C1.73 1gb ram Nvidia 5200 graphics card

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