[Ambassadors] Re: [Famsco-list] New FAMSCO Vice-Chair

Alex Maier lxmaier at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 20:37:43 UTC 2006

Thank you Thomas, for such kind words. I will be sure to support you
and Famsco as a whole, as well as the Ambassadors, as much as I can.

Thank you,

On 10/27/06, Thomas Chung <tchung at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> It is with great pleasure that I would like to congratulate Alex Maier
> on her appointment as the vice-chair of FAMSCO.
> Alex,
> - is the Founder of the Ambassadors program, helped form and grow the
> numbers of contributors since October 2005
> - Helped form the first Ambassadors Steering Committee and establish
> first rules and procedures for it
> - Drove the formation of FAmSCo Task Groups and served on the Budget
> Task Group, putting in place the reimbursement guidelines for
> Ambassadors
> - Organized and ran two FUDCons in Europe: Karlsruhe 2005 and London 2005
> - Wrote FUDCon Organization guidelines
> - Member of Fedora Mentors program
> As a Chair of FAMSCO, I'll continue to work with Alex to learn from
> her experience as well as other great leaders in this project.
> Best Regards,
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