[Ambassadors] Fedora French Ambassadors Weekly Minutes [2007-04-01]

Armelk armelk at akserver.dyndns.org
Wed Apr 4 17:24:40 UTC 2007

Good morning Fedora Ambassadors Team,

The french Ambassador team has the great pleasure to share with you the
weekly minutes meeting.
The goal for us is to give you each week a visibility of our actions.
You can find at this adress the full report in French and Enlish :


Best regards.

French Ambassador Team



llaumgui      : GuillaumeKulakowski
Pingoomax     : MaximeCarron
Armelk        : ArmelKermorvant
DrPixel       : ChristophePolyte
TitaX         : ThierryDelmonte
trashy        : JohanCwiklinski
littlecharly  : CharlesVinchon
[splinux]     : DamienDurand
William_H     : WilliamHoffmann
RemiFedora    : Remi Collet
SmootherFrOgZ : XavierLamien
serenity      : BenoitMarcelin

Community member


1) Fedora-fr organisation

We received papers from the "prefecture", but because of an error we must
re-submit them.
llaumgui and MrTom signed all documents and posted them end of this week.
Trashy and MrTom had an appointment togheter about the Fedora-fr
Discussion for the members of honors or benefactors (APRIL, an OEM,
Director of RedHat France, Ikoula), we will make the request on the mail
list of association for a "collegial" validation.

2) Fedora T-shirts

Armelk converted the svg file to  EPS format and sended to TiTax. Titax
transmits them to the T-Shirt manufacturer.
The shop is still in construction, we will update some articles on it.

3) Fedora-fr.org

The both responsible about the 1st April joke are TiTax for the logo and
llaumgui to put on line the joke (very funny think and lof of french
peoples the people believed it) .
Some bugs were fixed.
We put in place on the Wiki section a page about platforms manufacturers,
Desktops and Notebooks systems (Acer, Asus, Dell, Nec...) as well as the
components hardware (mother charts, video charts, wifi...), you find it at
this adress : http://doc.fedora-fr.org/Compatibilit%C3%A9_Mat%C3%A9rielle
The idea to have a form so that the users of Fedora can put their hardware
compoments of the configuration at it in order to have a base of data for
Question of drpixel, concerning the proximity of the ambassadors in
France, Belgium... (to refer at this address:
http://www.fedora-fr.org/frappr) and of the events
(http://calendrier.fedora-fr.org or
Return of the discussion of a French newsletter or to translate Fedora
News Letter from Thomas Chung with an addition of Fedora-Fr informations
(Informations of new installation guide, the recurring issue, the events
of Fedora will be present...). The subject continues on the mail list.

4) Fedora & local events

* Fedora at Nantes (44) May 12th, 2007 (Armelk)
 * More news this week.

* Fedora at Maubeuge (59) June 02nd and 03rd, 2007 (trashy)
 * No more news.

* Fedora ay Montpellier(34) from June, 14th  to  June 16th , 2007 (llaumgui)
 * llaumgui and sereinity will be present for this event.
 * Their prepare some slides about Fedora and in parallel their prepare a
demo for a group of 15 to 20 peoples.

Armelk will post to Trashy and llaumgui 2 posters A1 format for the local
event (Fedora Logo and the same logo as on the T-shirts)

5) Fedora Project

Trashy works on new Extras packets submission.
Armelk and Trashy will start to work on a presentation of Fedora 7 before
the release so that we are ready for the next events around Fedora 7.
No more news about translation because MrTom is not present, we will have
more informations next week.

6) FreeMedia Program

No new request for Belgium and no new request for France.

7) Open discussions

Parinux & Fedora make a new appointment for Fedora 7 release, we decided
to go for a new Install Party in Paris in the city of sciences, MrTom
comes back to us with a final date.
Fedora will be present during the RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel
Libre / World Meetings of the Free Software), Armelk will post a message
on the maillist about who are present during this event, if he are more
positive answer he contact the organizers to know the methods in order to
Fedora is present.
Install Party of Lyon, sereinity search always a room for this events.

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