[Ambassadors] Report Flisol - Santiago de Chile

Eduardo Villagrán Morales gotencoolwebmaster at yahoo.es
Sun Apr 29 17:26:05 UTC 2007

I Amabassadors,
as Fedora Ambassador for Chile I have participated in organization of
Flisol in Santiago de Chile. Flisol is Latin american Free software fest
install. This event is a mix of fest install, exhibitions and stands of
free software groups.
This year, Santiago have up 600 persons as visitor, installers and
users( they come with their computers and we install Free Software and
Linux on it).

On event day I was on Fedora stand, showing Fedora Core 6 and Fedora 7
beta 4.
I spoke with 60 people, some Fedora users and other new users. I spoke
about benefits of use Fedora and repaired some  problems of the
installers as wireless module support, configuration of some programs
and others.

This event was on Informatics engineering Department of Universidad de
Santiago de Chile (USACH). Starting at 11:00AM and ending at 08:00PM.

The users who chose Fedora for installation went to home with a original
Fedora Core 6 DVD. (They was 10 +-).

Soon I will send a link to see pictures of this day.

Eduardo Villagrán Morales [linuxuser:#384391]
Embajador Fedora - Chile
sip:gotencool at ekiga.net
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