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Re: [Ambassadors] French Meeting Minute

I'm glad to send you the meeting minute of the meeting.
You can find all the meeting minutes of the French meeting in both
French and English on :

== Attendees ==

 * ''MrTom'' : ThomasCanniot
 * ''llaumgui'' : GuillaumeKulakowski
 * ''[splinux]'' : DamienDurand
 * ''SmootherFrOgZ'' : XavierLamien
 * ''serenity'' : BenoitMarcelin

== Community Members ==

 * ''fclove'' : MarieGoeneutte
 * ''pingou'' : Pierre-YvesChibon

== Summary ==

=== English Version ===

'''1) Fedora-fr organisation'''

No news today

'''2) Fedora T-shirts'''

Waiting for the creation of the organization

'''3) Fedora-fr.org'''

No news today, my love has gone away

'''4) Fedora & local events''''

 * '''''Fedora at Nantes (44) May 12th, 2007 (Armelk)'''''

   * fclove will need some DVDs. MrTom will send her some. 

 * '''''Fedora at Maubeuge (59) June 02nd and 03rd, 2007 (trashy)'''''

   * No news today.

 * '''''Fedora at Montpellier(34) from June, 14th  to  June 16th , 2007

   * No news today

 * '''''Fedora at Paris(75) June 23th 2007 (MrTom)'''''

   * One person is missing for a presentation
   * llaumgui had the idea to film the presentations. MrTom will ask
Parinux (=Paris lug) if they have a movie camera.
   * llaumgui love Mélissa Torio

 *'''''Fedora at Lyon(69) 2007 (Pingoomax Sereinity)'''''
   * contacting partners.

'''5) Fedora Project'''

SmootherFrOgZ has nearly finished to translatethe new join page
FC7 Translations are over.

'''6) FreeMedia Program'''

No new request for Belgium and no new request for France.

'''7) Open discussions'''


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