[Ambassadors] Ambassadors Meeting EMEA - IRC Log 2007-12-12

Fabian Affolter fab at fedoraproject.org
Wed Dec 12 22:20:14 UTC 2007

<fabian_a> It's time...Let's have the Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA
<fabian_a> Welcome everybody
<fabian_a> Let's see who is around. Please state your wiki name please
(aka roll call).
<GeroldKa> GeroldKassube
<rivrandir> JensKuehnel
<armelk> ArmelKermorvant
<red_alert> SandroMathys
<fabian_a> FabianAffolter
<littlecharly> CharlesVinchon
<fcrippa> FrancescoCrippa
<chitlesh> ChitleshGoorah
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<MrTom> ThomasCanniot
<Karl_le_1ouge> HaikelGuemar
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<fabian_a> Just a reminder. We'll still follow our meeting protocol.
<fabian_a> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
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<fugolini> hi i'm just arrived
<fabian_a> Now, please open our meeting page at
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2007-12-12 for the agenda
<saadsaidi> SaadaldineAlsaidi
<fugolini> fugolini:
<fugolini> FrancescoUgolini
<fabian_a> First point: FAMSco
<fabian_a> There is no "official" report from FAMSco not even an answer.
<fugolini> i can give you a report
<fugolini> may i ?
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKA
<fugolini> !
<GeroldKa> I like to go "back" to the official behavior: Want to say
something say "!"; want to ask something do "?" and wait until you get
the voice
<GeroldKa> and ends with a <eof>
<GeroldKa> eof :-)
<fabian_a> fugolini
<fugolini> ok, as you know the nomination period is expired and the
number of candidates are 9
<fugolini> FAmSCo is happy to see that many ambassadors nominate themselves
<fabian_a> Nominations are: AlejandroMoncada, FrancescoUgolini,
JeffreyTadlock, JohnBabich, PabloBarrera, RodrigoPadula, SandroMathys,
ThomasCanniot, and myself.
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<fugolini> Now, i want to say that this FAmSCo has done something
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<fugolini> yes it wasn't so active in the communication but behid the
scenes it works helping ambassadors with materials and replying to
ambassadors' feedback, i know that many of the other functions weren't
<fugolini> fullfilled but if you consider that we were in fact 5
ambassadors, you can see this as a not complete failure
<fugolini> that's all
<fugolini> <eof>
<fabian_a> thanks, fugolini
<saadsaidi> !
<fabian_a> saadsaidi
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<saadsaidi> I just wanted say that all the work was great but i felt
like as amb. somehow apart
<saadsaidi> not as we used to be atleast in the begining of this year
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<saadsaidi> eof
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<fabian_a> Anything else about FAMSco?
<fabian_a> no? next topic: Ambassadors Membership
<fabian_a> As of 2007-12-11, 282 Ambassadors have been verified (signed
CLA and joined 'ambassadors' group)
<fabian_a> Next Materials. Sorry guys, about that topic I don't know
anything.  Anybody else?
<GeroldKa> ?
<fabian_a> GeroldKa
<GeroldKa> what is meant with "Membership"?
<GeroldKa> is this a topic which should give us a special "right"?
<fabian_a> tchung called it like this
<fugolini> !
<GeroldKa> or is this only a number of "how many Ambassador signed and
are been verified?
<GeroldKa> eof
<fabian_a> fugolini
<fugolini> Most probably this section is reffered to the new fedora
ambassadors member, like FAQs for new ambs
<fugolini> eof
<red_alert> ?
<fabian_a> red_alert
<Starbase_947> No
<red_alert> do you know how many of those 282 ambassadors are based in
the EMEA region? just wondering. eof
<fabian_a> no, but the ressource for that is
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<fabian_a> FreeMedia is next
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<fabian_a> I guess that it would be a good idea to remove this from
future meetings because it's more associated to Distribution than the
Ambassadors Program.
<fugolini> !
<fabian_a> fugolini
<fugolini> it's related to ThomasChung, i think you have to ask him what
he want to do
<fugolini> eof
<fabian_a> Now Events...
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<fabian_a> Please open Fedora Events
<fabian_a> The FAD will have its whistle stop at the end of the meeting.
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<EvilBob> !
<fabian_a> EvilBob
<EvilBob> Not about events but about the FAMSCo Election
<EvilBob> FDSCo does have enough nominations for our scheduled election
station the 14th
<EvilBob> s/station/starting
<EvilBob> EOF
<fabian_a> Is there anyone else who would like to discuss up-coming
events or report past events?
<fabian_a> Does anybody know some details from FOSSin 2007?
<MrTom> no
<fabian_a> MrTom, Linux Solutions at Paris. Give us some news if you
have any.
<MrTom> !
<fabian_a> MrTom
<MrTom> well we are subscribed, we will have a booth
* couf joins in
<MrTom> nothing more to add :)
<MrTom> eof
<fabian_a> thanks, MrTom
<fabian_a> Fedora 8 Launch Day?
<MrTom> our install party in paris you mean ?
<fabian_a> no, Fedora 8 Launch Day at Tunis, Tunisia
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<MrTom> oops sorry :]
<fabian_a> Next...NPO
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<rivrandir> !
<fabian_a> The European NPO is on its way.  kanarip will tell you
something about the status.
<fabian_a> rivrandir
<rivrandir> About the events: Wo is willing to hep me in Chemnitz? I
will not go alone!
<fugolini> ?
<rivrandir> I have not ordered our booth. Who can help me there? Send me
an Email
<rivrandir> EOF
<fabian_a> fugolini
<ChitleshGoorah> !
<fugolini> When is Linux Chamnitz?
<fugolini> eof
<rivrandir> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
<fabian_a> ChitleshGoorah
<ChitleshGoorah> during the last FAD, joergsimon told me he would, but I
can't.  eof
<fabian_a> anything else about the events in EMEA?
* ChitleshGoorah was talking about chemnitz
<couf> ?
<fabian_a> couf
<couf> anyone know something on Fosdem status?
<couf> eof
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<fabian_a> Now NPO
<fabian_a> is kanarip around?
<fabian_a> He have news about the statutes
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa
<GeroldKa> kanarip keeps his promises to translate "my version" into
english and sent it to me for checking
<GeroldKa> I translated the "goales" into german and sent the letter to
the financial department to check out if the goals are good enough for
the german law to be confirmed as "allgemeinnützig" which is related to
pay taxes or not
<GeroldKa> and the answer is still standing
<GeroldKa> that's all atm
<GeroldKa> eof
<couf> ?
<fabian_a> thanks GeroldKa
<fabian_a> couf
<rsc> ?
<couf> is there a way that we can read up the statutes, just to check them?
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> rsc, then GeroldKa
<rsc> fabian_a: I wanted to ask the same like couf. So GeroldKa first.
<fabian_a> GeroldKa, it's up to you
<GeroldKa> well, everybody will get the opportunity to see the
translated version; but first we want to check out if THIS version will
match with the law of the country in which we will found it; ...
<couf> ?
<GeroldKa> othwerwise it makes no sense to confrontate you with a
version which is not the value on the stamp with which it is send
<MrTom> +1
<couf> +1
<rivrandir> +1
<fabian_a> +1
<ChitleshGoorah> +1
<fugolini> +1
<red_alert> +1
<GeroldKa> thanks for trusting kanarip and me
<fcrippa> +1
<armelk> +1
<rsc> +1
<fabian_a> couf
<couf> Is someone checking compatibility with CLA and such stuff? (just
<fugolini> !
<kanarip> hi guys
<saadsaidi> +1
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<fabian_a> fugolini
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<kanarip> i'm sorry i'm late
<fugolini> i don't know the content of the statute but this one and the
CLA have different "natures"
<fugolini> CLA is a licencees between the person and RedHat
<ChitleshGoorah> fugolini: +1
<fugolini> and the otherr one is the association of people with common
<kanarip> the statutes only describe the how's, who's and what's of the
organization itself
<fugolini> eof
<couf> !
<ChitleshGoorah> !
<fabian_a> couf
<couf> not entirely true, cla has notions of what we do as contributors
to fedora
<fugolini> but we talk ever about contributors
<couf> as such the statutes can have some issues
<fugolini> it's a different legal subject
<GeroldKa> !
<kanarip> !!
<couf> well it's both about Fedora which we use with CLA agreement
<couf> eof
<fabian_a> ChitleshGoorah, GeroldKa, kanarip
<ChitleshGoorah> couf: please leave CLA outside the legal entity. please
don't complete things
<ChitleshGoorah> complicate
<kanarip> like i said the statutes only describe the organization, how
big the board is and how it should vote, what bodies it may or may not
have, and where money flows and may not flow
<ChitleshGoorah> CLA should be left as is !
<ChitleshGoorah> eof
<GeroldKa> there is no paragraph with the needing of "signing the cla"
inside because there is no need to do so. rest as kanarip  said :-)
<kanarip> it sets rules for the organization (e.g. the executive board)
to have general members meetings once a year, etc
<kanarip> GeroldKa, +1, it just isn't in there
<kanarip> in fact it says right now any natural legal entity can become
a member of the organization
<kanarip> it even adds to that other organizations can become a member,
which includes companies
<kanarip> there is no such thing however as "cla_done can and others can't"
<couf> !
<ChitleshGoorah> kanarip: +1
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<fabian_a> couf
<couf> okay, I didn't go into a deep discussion about this, was just
wondering if we needed to look at it, that's all
<couf> eof
<ChitleshGoorah> no, we don't need to, eof
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa
<GeroldKa> membership can't violate Fedora or the cla, because the
membership is no right to use something from RH or Fedora, so there is
also no need to complicate such a structure or NPO
<couf> okay, that clarifies all, thanks
<GeroldKa> as kanarip said ...
<GeroldKa> eof
<kanarip> !
<fabian_a> kararip
<fabian_a> sorry, kanarip
<kanarip> i have a huge chunk translated and i am starting the last
couple of notes, i hope to be able to send out a draft by the end of the
week, otherwise it'll be during the weekend
<kanarip> motion to move the item to the next meeting for another status
<kanarip> EOF
<fabian_a> thanks, kanarip
<fabian_a> there is only one point left, FAD
<fabian_a> The FAD EMEA 2007 was held at Rheinfelden 24-11-2007.
<fabian_a> Chitlesh has made a summary. For more detail check out the
following page
<fabian_a> Now the stage is open...anything else? Any more questions or
issues before we close this meeting?
<kanarip> yes
<fabian_a> kanarip
<kanarip> does everyone know we are going to vote on the statutes on
FOSDEM 2008?
<kanarip> and elect the board there, too?
<couf> nope
<kanarip> it is one of those things discussed at FAD that didn't really
make it into the notes
<ChitleshGoorah> I'll be absent on FOSDEM2008
<kanarip> ChitleshGoorah, can you enpower someone to cast your vote for you?
<GeroldKa> not possible kanarip
<ChitleshGoorah> kanarip: I might do it online :) (if not I'll figure
out something)
<kanarip> GeroldKa, not on the statutes even?
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<GeroldKa> founding has to be a face-to-face meeting with the founder
<GeroldKa> german law; sorry
<kanarip> ok
<ChitleshGoorah> but FOSDEM will be in belgium
<GeroldKa> a minimum of seven and out of this crowed the board must be
<GeroldKa> there is no country limitaion where you found and which
nationality the persons must be
<kanarip> so, here it is:
<fugolini> ?
-fugolini/#fedora-meeting- i cancel the answer
<kanarip> we vote on the statutes on FOSDEM and elect the board, anyone
casting a vote, running for board or casting a vote for the board
elections has to be physically attending FOSDEM
<kanarip> is that right GeroldKa ?
<GeroldKa> totally
<kanarip> let's stress that fact over the mailing lists
<ChitleshGoorah> +1
<fabian_a> +1
<kanarip> attend or accept what the attendees vote upon
<red_alert> !
<fugolini> +1
<couf> +1
<fcrippa> +1
<kanarip> another thing
<kanarip> the name will be Fedora EMEA -it has been agreed upon by mspevack
<Karl_le_Rouge> +1
<ChitleshGoorah> perfect
<kanarip> it aligns with another NPO initiative i'm involved with in the
USA, as well as with "Fedora Project" being the official project itself
<kanarip> that's it afaic
<kanarip> or big-EOF ;-)
<fabian_a> red_alert
<kanarip> open floor, please
<red_alert> I just want to mention that "attend or accept what is voted"
is correct, but a poll at the next meeting can change things again
<red_alert> eof
<kanarip> red_alert, apparently it is not something we can alter in any
way at any meeting to come
<fabian_a> I guess we are done...anything else?
<fabian_a> 5
<fabian_a> 44
<fabian_a> 333
<fabian_a> 2222
<GeroldKa> !
<fabian_a> GeroldKa
<GeroldKa> nice to see you all here at the first meeting after a long time
<kanarip> i missed you too GeroldKa ;-)
<fabian_a> Thanks you all for attending
<GeroldKa> I hope the meetings will be more often such frequented as today
<fugolini> ehehe yea
<littlecharly> See you...
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<red_alert> btw, when's the next EMEA meeting?
<GeroldKa> thanks to all participants from my side
<GeroldKa> eof
<kanarip> two weeks from now, right?
<fcrippa> GeroldKa: +1
<fugolini> thank you Gerold :)
<kanarip> fabian_a, ?
<rivrandir> GeroldKa: +1
<rivrandir> CU
<couf> two weeks from now? the day after christmas?
<fabian_a> Next meeting in January 2008.
<kanarip> fabian_a, right, date?
<couf> ah okay :-)
<fabian_a> in the middle of January
<kanarip> so we do bi-weekly meetings but skip the one just after christmas?
<fabian_a> 2008-01-16 so far
<kanarip> ok
<rsc> same time?
<fabian_a> same time
<kanarip> i'll barely be back from FUDCon ;-)
<kanarip> i may have a jetlag
<EvilBob> you mean a hangover?
<fabian_a> We are done
* EvilBob ducks
<kanarip> EvilBob, i'm no jsteffan
<fabian_a> Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2007-12-12 has been adjourned.

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