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Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Wed Feb 28 12:20:18 UTC 2007

Last release we had an idea that I'm proposing we try for Fedora 7.  For
reasons that should be obvious as you read, the Ambassadors seem to be a
natural group to do this.  Perhaps in coordination/collaboration with
Fedora Translation/L10n contributors?

The basic idea is to distribute to countries/regions a list of "talking
points".  Talking points are specific items we want to see covered in
any release announcement.  Then each region/language can choose to i)
form a small team, and ii) collaborate to write a truly localized
release announcement.



In the past, the announcement introduction has been written in English
in a semi-humorous way.  To understand it, you had to know specific
cultural references.  This made them fairly impossible to translate (or
transliterate).  Or even understand, period.

This new method would rely entirely upon the local groups to collaborate
on an announcement, then distribute it within their region as a formal
Fedora release announcement.  One place to start is fedora-announce.  

How many different language announcements can we get on fedora-announce
for Fedora 7?

One concern that is that a release announcement is a very big chance to
start misinformation about Fedora.  For example, an announcement may be
written in a language not read by most of the Fedora leadership, and the
authors accidentally choose terms or phrasing that reflect negatively on
Fedora.  The quality of the writing or grammar also reflects on Fedora.

To lower this risk, it seems like a good idea to have the release
announcement draft due for review by the final test (usually test3,
occasionally test4).  Every draft announcement then needs an independent
review by a reader of that language.

I'm sure that this has been done informally in various countries.  This
idea is to formalize the process, recognize the people involved with the
honor of speaking LOUDLY for Fedora, and make an ever bigger impact with
this next release.

- Karsten
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