[Ambassadors] Fedora T-Shirts and Fedora Caps

Matthias Kranz matthiaskranz at gmx.de
Wed Jun 6 11:30:19 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-06-06 at 02:29 +0200, Marek Mahut wrote:
> Gerold Kassube wrote: 
> > I'm also working with Marketing EMEA (Red Hat) on a Shop for Europe ...
> There's one shop for Europe,
> http://www.redhat-coolstuff-store.com/index.php?o=511 but Fedora section 
> is very poor :(


as Gerold already stated: He is in contact with the responsible person
here in Munich. And if I can be of any help I will support him of
course :)

Matthias Kranz
Fedora Ambassador
mkranz at fedoraproject.org

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