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Forwarding to the list. It has been sitting in my in-box for long
enough, and I might not get a chance to respond properly, so I wanted
to ask you guys to help out.


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From: Muhammad Shahid <me at shahidmasood.com>
Date: May 31, 2007 7:10 AM
Subject: Fedora Related
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well my name is Shahid and i am from Karachi, Pakistan.
i wish to promote the fedora and linux in out city or country bcoz
linux and fedora are use very rarely.. like 5 or 10% in our country
bcoz of the following reasons
1. CDs/DVD are not available in market.
2. Internet speed is very slow.. average rate of download is  5 KB/s .
which can take days for downloading.
3, New users dont know how to install and etc... even there are very
less who have knowledge of installation and of troobleshoot.

I want to take participate in the fedora project to promote fedora in
our city. i am using linux  from more than 3 years.. when there was
linux 7.0 ... have knowledge about installation . server setting etc
etc.. but dont have any certification...
Can i become the part of fedora team so i can promote , introduce
fedora here in my city and can spread to my friends , and can spread
in my university where i am studing.. i think it will be of great help
to  spread and promote in education institutes.. the place where i am
studing there are more than 2000 students enrolled and i am also doing
BS(networking) from there...
so tell me can i join the team if i dont have any certification of REDHat  etc ?
i wish to work for fedora bcoz i really like this Operating system .

well thanks for giving your time to my email

- Muhammad Shahid Masood.
  me at shahidmasood.com
  www.shahidmasood.com   (underconstruction)
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