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Mario Torre neugens at limasoftware.net
Thu Jun 14 17:11:42 UTC 2007

Il giorno mar, 12/06/2007 alle 20.27 -0700, Thomas Chung ha scritto:

> Thank you Mario. I'll make sure to submit your Event Report to FWN.
> Regards,

Hey, thank you!

Here are some details (more to come, sorry I'm very busy in preparing

The event is organized with NaLug (www.nalug.net) and many other
organizations that adhere to "Coordinamento Free Software
Campania" (www.freesc.eu).

We will have some technical talk in the morning, while in the afternoon
the discussion will be about the Regional Law, with political and civil
life representatives (read here Universities), as well as LUGs and
various local Free Software associations that are trying to push the use
of FLOSS in the Public Administration.

My track is scheduled in the morning and will be called "Get Used to
Thinking For Yourself", a paper in which I try to stimulate my listeners
to understand the alternatives in software and why they are so
important, as well as the philosophy of the Free Software (seen as
sharing and freedom, but that does not prevent to make money... you all
know what I'm talking about :) presenting various analogies with other
aspects of our life, like the global pollution as well as other social
themes like unemployment, etc.. and what if 30 years ago we had done
different choices. In other words, how a monopoly can change a whole
social structure (this has happened in Italy, for example, with FIAT,
when they had public money up to a point that they had not a company
politics at all, and that lead the proliferation of private transport
and infrastructure and the absence of public transport - no trailroads

Other tracks are about OpenOffice, Secure Wireless, Software Emulation
(run Windows application on Linux), and overview of the new GPLv3 and

As I said, on the afternoon there will be the discussion will be about
the Regional Law.

The complete program is here: http://www.nalug.net/gnu-linux-fest-2007/

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