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pingou pingoufc4 at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 15 06:06:30 UTC 2007

Dear all,

As a member of the French Fedora ambassador team, I am proud to
announce you the future release of an entirely magazine dedicated Fedora7.

The announce of the release of the magazine is available there :

The magazine will be published in France for 9,95€, it contains 2 DVDs
(i386 & x86_64).

The summary of the magazine is:

  * Contents of DVDs
  * Fedora 7 installation
  * Dual boot: Fedora and Windows
  * Working with Windows partitions under Fedora 7
  * Packages management
  * Packages sources configuration
  * Fedora 7 system configuration
  * Wireless card (Wi-Fi) configuration
  * Configuration and utilization of ADSL connection
  * Web plugins installation
  * Fedora-fr community

And as we wrote more article than needed, there will be 9 extras
articles focused
on Fedora 7 available on Linux Identity website.
These articles are :

  * Emacs - an editor can even make a coffee
  * GPG - communication encryption
  * VIM - unix text editor
  * XChat-GNOME - new frontend to X-Chat IRC
  * Working with command line
  * Beagle - an efficient search tool
  * Multimedia on Fedora 7
  * Pidgin - multiprotocol messenger
  * 3D desktop

We added the link on the fedoraproject:

To those who are familiar with french  I hope you will enjoy it  :-)

I would like to thank all people who helped us in a way or another

Of course the other co-writers:
*Benoît Marcelin (French ambassador)
*Haïkel Guémar (French ambassador)

And thanks to
*Johan Cwiklinski (who provided us write support throuth his wiki)
(French ambassador)
*Maxime Carron (who gave us nice advices) (French ambassador)
*Cerber666 (our awesome reviewer) (French user)

Also thanks to all the other that I forget...

Best regards,

Pierre-Yves / pingou


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