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[Ambassadors] fosdem2007: report

Hello there,

Here is my report:

Things that we have done at the booth and what visitors liked:
* a paper saying what are the languages Fedora Booth staffs can speak
* well decorated booth
* women at the fedora booth
* professional booth staffs rather than geeks with long hair and beards
* polo-shirts
* people like to engage into discussions to booth staff directly
rather than someone who is constantly behind a screen.
* to hear new features
* what makes fedora so special

What we lacked:
* business cards (though it is already among the Fedora Ambassador wiki items)
* any way so that visitors or anyone can see with whom they are talking too

What we have achieved:
* good contacts with centos
* talks on packaging guidelines with opensuse
* internal fedora talks between various fedora contributors
* internal fedora talks between max and fedora contributors
* chemnitz linuxtag preparation
* preparing LinuxTag2007 Berlin Fudcon
*  "Fedora European Infrastructure" drafts


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