[Ambassadors] Venezuela event report: InstallFest ISEIT

Wilmer Jaramillo M. wilmer at fedoraproject.org
Wed Mar 28 19:00:35 UTC 2007

Our first event made the day 24 of March in the build of the 24 ISEIT,
with the presence of Ambassadors GuillermoGomez, in addition with the
support of the community Fedora Venezuela and myself, approximating 20
machines was installed with Fedora 6, the favorite selection was
Ubuntu, some people after of proving Fedora LiveCD to choose install
FC6, the support of the Fedora community of Venezuela was
overwhelming, we had the aid of several volunteers who outstandingly
made installed reaching a satisfactory 99%. Everybody delivery a
number considerable of LiveCDs and DVDs install, we made shirts with
the logo of Fedora, also used a videobean to show Fedora/AIGLX/Beryl.

The day of today we received from the Amb. Rodrigo Padula a total of
80DVDs and POP for its distribution during next event to take place
day 28 of April FLISOL.

I leave with some photos of event:

Wilmer Jaramillo M.
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