[Ambassadors] Fedora French Ambassadors Weekly Minutes [2007-05-13]

Thomas Canniot mrtom at fedoraproject.org
Tue May 15 21:49:38 UTC 2007

Hello Fedora Ambassadors Team,

The French Ambassador team has the great pleasure to share with you the
weekly minutes meeting.
The goal for us is to give you each week a visibility of our actions.
You can find at this adress the full report in both French and Enlish :

== Ambassadors ==

 * 'pingou' : Pierre-YvesChibon
 * 'MrTom' : ThomasCanniot
 * 'llaumgui' : GuillaumeKulakowski
 * 'Pingoomax' : MaximeCarron
 * 'DrPixel' : ChristophePolyte
 * 'trashy' : JohanCwiklinski
 * '[splinux]' : DamienDurand
 * 'SmootherFrOgZ' : XavierLamien
 * 'serenity' : BenoitMarcelin

== Community member ==
 * 'starmad88' : Matthieu Gautier
 * 'RemiFedora' : Remi Collet
 * 'herrib' : Hervé Riboulot
 * 'fclove' : Marie Goeneutte
 * 'Karl_Le_Rouge' : Haïkel Guémar

1) Fedora-fr organisation

No news today

2) Fedora T-shirts

Waiting for the creation of the organization. Need to contact Thierry
Delmonte to know more.

3) Fedora-fr.org

The organization for the news bulletin will be started this very
week. MrTom will mail the list as soon as he get rid of his exams.

4) Fedora & local events

    * Fedora at Nantes (44) May 12th, 2007 (Armelk)
          o fclove has given 21 out of 25 DVDs. A report will be send
to the list. 

    * Fedora at Maubeuge (59) June 02nd and 03rd, 2007 (trashy)
          o No news today. 

    * Fedora at Montpellier(34) from June, 14th to June 16th , 2007
          o No news today 

    * Fedora at Paris(75) June 23th 2007 (MrTom)
          o One person is missing for a presentation
          o People are organizing themself to go together to Paris from
Lyon      o Damien Durand suggested to create poster for the event 

    * Fedora at Lyon(69) 2007 (Pingoomax Sereinity)
          o It will be impossible to organize an event on week-end in
the university. o Contacts have been established with the local LUG, it
may be possible to merge their June event woth ours.
          o Contacts has also been established with aldil :) 

5) Fedora Project

FC7 Translations are over.

6) FreeMedia Program

One French request awaiting.

7) Open discussions


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