[Ambassadors] DRAFT/RFC: Fedora Events Q3 budget

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Fri Aug 1 11:39:48 UTC 2008

Hi Ambassadors,

It's August 1, which means that Q3 of our fiscal year begins in one 
month -- September through November -- and we have to sort out our 

I would like all of you to take a look at this page, and offer your 
thoughts and comments.  If you are an event owner in Q3, it is 
particularly important that you take a look.


Things to consider:

(0) We have a few weeks to tweak this, and want to make our final 
decisions somewhere in the last week of August, so that come September 
1, people know what to expect.

(1) If you are an event owner, do you think your event is getting enough 
support?  If you have either *more* budget than you think you will need, 
or *less* budget than you think you will need, please speak up.

(2) Realize that this is a zero-sum game.  To increase one budget 
requires decreasing something else.  We are trying to balance the needs 
of people across the world.  We are doing this openly and transparently 
so that we can try to reach a consensus that works for everyone, rather 
than just dictating policy.

(3) We will *not* be mass-producing Fedora 10 media with a separate 
budget.  What you see on this page is what you get.  Event owners are 
free to pool together bits of their budgets to produce swag at better 
prices.  Use your local Ambassadors meetings on IRC.

(4) Realize that these are just initial thoughts, and that we want to 
work together as a group to handle budget in a way that empowers as many 
people as possible.

(5) Remember that with budget comes responsibility.  Organization, event 
reports, new contributors, follow-up, etc.


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