[Ambassadors] DRAFT/RFC: Fedora Events Q3 budget

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Fri Aug 1 20:34:15 UTC 2008

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 9:37 AM, David Nalley <david at gnsa.us> wrote:
> Please remove SC Ruby Con from consideration - they communicated to me
> yesterday that they want $1k for a booth. I don't think that's a good
> value - it's a first year con, and IMHO not worth $1k even if I had
> that to spend. I am thinking that somewhere in the $800-1000 range
> will be adequate for the remaining events I own.

If you think that SC Ruby Con would be worth attending you might want
to contact the organizers again and explain that Fedora Project is a
community project and does not necessarily have large amounts of money
to pay for a booth and ask if they can work with you on that.
Sometimes throwing in that you can get them some "free" publicity
through being listed on the Fedora Events page, blog postings before
and after the event and such organizers will give you a booth for free
at a con.  We have had success with this in the past at getting a
booth at a con we would have otherwise been unable to attend due to
the cost of booth space.


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