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Mon Aug 4 12:44:22 UTC 2008

Khus amded Saifi.

2008/8/4 Shahnawaz Saifi <shahsaifi at gmail.com>

> Hello All,
>                           Myself Shahnawaz Saifi, from New Delhi, I'm
> working with STG as Corporate Trainer for RHEL. Intially I was a trainer of
> Windows, for the last 2 years I'm on Linux platform and found better then
> windows because of a lot utitlities and open source. I would like to be
> Fedora Ambassador because I want to represent my city for Fedora. I've told
> all my circle friends and people about Fedora and they found it interesting
> as it is.  So many has started using it ,  I also suggest my  students go
> for Fedora. and migarted all my office desktops and server on Linux.
> --
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> With regards
> Shahnawaz Saifi
> shahsaifi at gmail.com
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