[Ambassadors] New Member Intro

Frank Murphy (Frankly3D) frankly3d at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 09:54:36 UTC 2008

I basically did a c&p of this from my intro email to mkt.
Just in a rush today...ILUG..potd in Dublin

*  Born Francis James Murphy prefer Frank
      * Waterford City, Ireland
      * Invalidity Pension (Narcoleptic), going back to school Sept. to
        do PC Repair & Networking (Win98)
      * Volunteer Director with Accessitltd (waterford City)
      * Try help make Fedora known in the non-linux world.
      * What do you want to talk about?: In regards to?
      * More audio and Video processing (spin?)
      * Anything else you'd like to do? 
      * Historical qualifications : NCVA Level 2 "Art" (Distinction in
        the communications module), City & Guilds (Information
        Technology module), Some modules in TV & Radio production NVCA
        Leve 2 (Distinction in Research Journalism module)
      * What other projects or marketing effors have you worked on in
        the past? (List what you think is relevant)
      * What level and type of marketing skills do you have? : Nothing
        on paper apart from above.
      * What other skills do you have that might be applicable?: Not
        afraid to talk
      * My website(s) are http://www.frankly3d.com
        http://www.posermilitary.com (parked)  

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