[Ambassadors] An Event in VIT-VELLORE, Need People to give talk on Fedora

karthik parvathaneni callmeno2 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 11:50:57 UTC 2008

Hello Everyone,

This is Karthik Parvathaneni, doing my B.Tech in Computing Sciences and an
ambassador of Fedora from Hyderabad region, INDIA I dint give in an
Introduction to you guys about myself, Not exactly lazy to do so but i
thought it is a bit childish. Sorry if i am wrong.
Leaving that aside, We (Myself and Satish Eerpini , the Fedora Ambassador of
Secunderabad) are planning to conduct an event under LUG(Linux User
Group)@VIT for Freshmen to create awareness about Fedora Project. We are
Planning to do as an Event where the Fedora Ambassadors can come and Speak
about their Experience on using Fedora and Linux in general. We have planned
to Invite someone form the Fedora Commitee to come aswell. Regarding the
accomodation for the commitee members, we will take care. We just need you
guys to come to our college and share your valuable Experience with us. This
way, we would like to promote fedora at our college and aswell get freshers
knowing the power of open source.
The procedure and dates are not yet decided but the expected days are around
the last week of August (mostly Saturday). We will continu the thread with
other updates. The Event will be conducted in VIT (Vellore Institute of
Technology) at Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. Expecting people from Bangalore,
Chennai, Hyderabad areas, as they are near by. As the Event is on a
non-working day, hope no problems occur.
People Interested can contact me(callmeno2 at gmail.com) or Satish(
eerpini at gmail.com) for further information or can aswell post their quieries
as reply thread.

Thanks you,
Karthik Parvathaneni
Fedora Ambassador - Hyderabad,India
I blog here :
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