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Juasmas juasmas at juasmas.net
Sat Aug 9 23:29:51 UTC 2008

Thanks, Sílvio and Junior, Gracias, Obrigado :P

Sílvio, your idea of the creation of a Fedora web for the portuguese 
users is very nice! I would be very enchanted very much to help you in 
all you need. Is very important and needed spread the Fedora Project to 
our countries, Portugal and Spain, (because as you know the Fedora 
Project isn't known here), and I can help you in all that you need :D. 
In Spain already exist one Fedora web, but it is very poor... is very 
needed that these web works good for the Fedora spanish consumers, 
because it is still very incomplete.

I would be very enchanted if you like contact me for talk about this, 
and if you accept my help. You can found my personal profile in the 
Ambassadors Country List.

Thanks of new.


- Juan Victoria

> Bienvenido amigo!
> I represent Portugal and we have the same problem here - Fedora is not 
> very know here.
> With the help of some ambassadors from Brasil, i am working on a 
> website for Fedora Portugal.
> Maybe we could talk and do something together.
> 2008/8/9 Juasmas <juasmas at juasmas.net <mailto:juasmas at juasmas.net>>
>     Hi to all,
>     My name is Juan Victoria, and I am from Spain. I am Student of
>     1(th) of Informatic Engineer. I like very much the computers, I am
>     newbie on Fedora Linux 9, and I represent Spain. My plan for
>     Fedora Ambassadors Project is talk and help about this great OS to
>     my familiars, friends and friendships, and invite to use it,
>     because the Fedora Project rarely is known here.
>     Bye!
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