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Davidson Rodrigues Paulo davidsonpaulo at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 19:02:12 UTC 2008

2008/8/10 marcelo massao <marcelo_massao at yahoo.com.br>:
> My name is Marcelo Massao and I'm from Rio Bonito *(a city near Rio de
> Janeiro). I've already been promoted Fedora in schools, universities and in
> my job too. I am part of the magazine "Fedora Brasil".
> Well, that's all for today . I'm honored of been working with you guys !

Massao! What a good surprise! :-D

I'm pretty glad to see you joining Fedora Ambassadors team. One more
ambassador that came to Fedora through the Revista Fedora Brasil
magazine! :-)

Alas, since we started working in Revista Fedora Brasil we are
experiencing an impressive growing of the Brazilian Fedora community.
We are about to release the 3th issue and our team has over 30 members
at the moment and Massao is at least the 3th of these members to
become a Fedora Ambassador.

It's important point that many people who contribute to the magazine
were/are not Fedora users, like Massao over here, who was a Debian
user, and Guilherme "Razgriz", who was an Ubuntu and OpenSUSE user.

I'm going to build and publish some statistics and results achieved
until now by the Revista Fedora Brasil SIG. But I need to say I'm sure
proud about we have done, happy about we are doing and hopeful about
what we can do. :-)

Again, welcome to the Fedora's family, Massao. :-D

Best wishes,

Davidson Paulo
Linux System Administrator
LPI Certified Level 1: LPI000132770
Revista Fedora Brasil, Editor-In-Chief
Fedora Project, Ambassador

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