[Ambassadors] Ambassadors NorthAmerica Meeting Log 2008-08-13

Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 13:35:32 UTC 2008

I know G sent it, but I didn't see it anywhere,  figured it was safe
to send twice rather than never.

< gregdek> Can you hear me now?
< kulll> yes
< gregdek> Good.  :)
< herlo> hi
< herlo> GLOBAL?
< stickster> Oh, we going global, yo.
< gregdek> Heh.
< rislam> :)
< herlo> stickster: we do have a World Domination Plan
< herlo> rislam: hey!
< Sonar_Guy> o.O
< rislam> how r u herlo
< ke4qqq> indeed
< herlo> rislam: doing well, missed you last couple weeks
< quaid> oi
< ke4qqq> yes good to see you.
< rislam> oh thank you
< quaid> ne1 got the gavel?
< herlo> quaid: thought it was gregdek but if not, its ke4qqq
 * quaid still doesn't have the riddim of Tue at 6 :)
< quaid> coo'
< ke4qqq> ok, well lets start then
< rislam> i was busy with some stuff here, could not attend the meeting
< ke4qqq> rollcall
< gregdek> GregDeKoenigsberg :)
< herlo> herlo
< rislam> RashadulIslam
< quaid> [[User:Kwade|quaid]]
-!- herlo changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora NA Ambassadors Meeting
< gregdek> quaid: Nice wikilingo!
 * quaid messed it up
< quaid> [[User:Kwade|Karsten Wade]] would be better :)
 * stickster here too
 * iWolf wanders in
< ke4qqq> others will wander in... Alright first up FAmSCo ..... iWolf?
< iWolf> The meeting last week was canceled due to lack of attendance.
 Several of the famsco members were out of town or away on vacation
last week.
< iWolf> We should be meeting tomorrow at our normally scheduled time: 20:00UTC
< iWolf> so no status change, happy to answer questions though.
< herlo> okay, what do we have for FAMSCo needing approval?
< iWolf> or add items to the famsco agenda if need be  :)
< ke4qqq> hearing nothing, can we move on?
< herlo> so say we all
< ke4qqq> moving on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/NA
< iWolf> fine with me, you can always ping me later or email if
something comes up.
< ke4qqq> check out the task list
 * inode0 waves
< ke4qqq> inode0: herlo: me: report on contacting people
< ke4qqq> where do we stand
< herlo> ke4qqq: who has texas? is that me?
< herlo> if so, I have another to add for the Dallas metro area
< kulll> zzz
< ke4qqq> inode0:  is tx iirc
< inode0> I went through the list and decided to send our personal
mail rather than form mail, have contacted about half
< inode0> there are 3 in TX iirc
< ke4qqq> inode0: what kind of response?
< herlo> I will be sending him a bunch of LiveCDs shortly
< herlo> he's coming up for UTOSC...
< herlo> inode0: are you TX?
< inode0> yes, and yes there are 3 that I know of in TX
< herlo> inode0: sure, but this is a new person, not someone who
previously existed
< herlo> inode0: k, I'll put him under your jurisdiction
< inode0> name?
< herlo> John Taber, he was here last couple weeks
< inode0> I have him on my list already
< herlo> he has a wiki page
< herlo> okay
< herlo> he's really new
< herlo> I have a bunch of LiveCDs set up for him.  He'll be teaching
at UNT or SMU
< inode0> and I should get the rest of the mail out this week, will
report numbers next week
 * ke4qqq has finished sending emails  - but precious little response
< inode0> lots of empty space in the central US
< herlo> I've only heard back from 3, 2 of which wanted in and are here.
< herlo> the other was happy, but couldn't dedicate time...
< inode0> 8 states with no ambassadors
< herlo> inode0: if that's all...
< inode0> translates to new opportunities
 * herlo needs to update the map
< herlo> inode0: the plan is to get major cities too
< herlo> and rislam, do you have anything for canadia?
< ke4qqq> so how are we going to target those non-ambassador states
< inode0> which major cities in South Dakota do you mean? :)
 * ke4qqq notes that we need to add rislam to that task
< herlo> inode0: lol, uh Bismark?
< rislam> nothing much
< herlo> or is that ND?
< herlo> must be Pierre
< rislam> but there is 2 event going on at ottawa and toronto
< herlo> ooh, great.  Are they on the event list?
 * herlo looks
< rislam> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
< rislam> yes they are already
< herlo> w00t!
< rislam> i try to attend the toronto symposium on October
< rislam> Greg is also there with his speech.
< ke4qqq> outstanding - alright hopefully we'll get all of the
existing ambassadors contacted by end of the month.....shall we move
to the next task?
< ke4qqq> herlo care to update us on event kits and shipping and stuff?
< ke4qqq> don't want to still the thunder from the other agenda item
but it is a task?
< ke4qqq> s/still/steal
< herlo> ke4qqq: I'd like to start off with proper naming conventions
< herlo> its EventBox for Events
 * ke4qqq slaps his own hand
< herlo> and AmbassadorKit for Ambassadors at ad-hoc events
< herlo> or random meetings
< herlo> The plan for AmbassadorKits which I don't have fully layed
out is to have the following
 * ianweller lurks
< herlo> One DIY box / container
< herlo> holding 5-10 CDs/DVDs
< herlo> a tshirt or two
< herlo> and 4 or 5 Fedora labeled USB sticks
< rislam> tshirt: 1 is owesome but 2 is perfect
< herlo> all wrapped in a nice shrink wrapped package
< inode0> can we squeeze in some stickers and buttons too?
< herlo> inode0: absolutely, just forgot to mention them
< herlo> the price per unit is around $40
< rislam> is it on $USD
< herlo> we need to get that price down just a little to make it cost effective
< herlo> rislam: yes
< iWolf> herlo: you have prices on the usb sticks?
< herlo> iWolf: not yet
< inode0> those are likely the expensive part
< herlo> but I have a general idea that those will be the most costly part
 * ke4qqq could live without USB drives
< herlo> so for the first round, we may not ship those, but I think
liveUSB is essential
< stickster> Guys, I'm still unclear on where these come from?
< stickster> How do they get replenished?
< ke4qqq> from the regional ambassadors
< stickster> Is that where RHT funding for an event goes?
< herlo> stickster: hold on, getting to that
< stickster> herlo: Ah, OK, sorry
< herlo> but to answer sticksters questions
< stickster> herlo: Go at your own pace, ignore me
< herlo> the items will come from a Media distributor, which ke4qqq
and I have been working on
< herlo> as well, tshirts are needed, I've ordered a bunch from
screenprinters on the FedoraResources page
< herlo> i think if they do a good job, we could start getting those from there
< herlo> or do a piecemeal distribution
< herlo> from a spreadshirt like store
< herlo> as far as replenishment, we believe it would be good to get
them built up once a quarter and have them at the regional ambassadors
< herlo> as far as monetary requirement, I feel liek this should not
affect the event budget but rather either have its own budget or come
from discretionary funds...
< herlo> does that help stickster
< herlo> thoughts?
< gregdek> Yep.
< stickster> herlo: Somewhat.
< ke4qqq> this is essentially how gregdek and spevack have been handling things
< ke4qqq> but it's been all back channel
< herlo> this is still an unfleshed out idea btw, getting closer, however
< stickster> At the end of the day, though, the money for these kits
comes out of the same pot as everything else.
< ke4qqq> big events get funding - the rest ask greg or max for media
and swag and get it.
< stickster> So if we spend, say, $1K on all the kits, that's $1K less
for the event pool.
< ke4qqq> yes and we will have to probably do more like EMEA and
manage more of the funding rather than have it allocated to specific
< iWolf> ke4qqq: i beleive a fair amount of that is left over stuff
from events already budgeted.
< inode0> stickster: this is part of the event pool too
< ke4qqq> iWolf: I have no doubt about that.
< stickster> inode0: But herlo said, " I feel liek this should not
affect the event budget but rather either have its own budget or come
from discretionary funds"
< stickster> So I just wanted to clarify that.
< inode0> these will support ambassadors at local events so I think of
it as event support
< herlo> stickster: according to the Q3 budget I saw, we have a $500
budget in discretionary funds
< herlo> split 4 ways, that $125 each region in the NA
< herlo> which means about 3 AmbassadorKits per quarter
< iWolf> there isn't really enough in the kit to support an event
though, right?  I few LiveCDs, a t-shirt and maybe a USB key?
< herlo> its not intended for an eVENT
< herlo> oops
< herlo> capslock on
< iWolf> :)
< inode0> that old definition of event problem again
< herlo> right
< herlo> Events use EventBox
< iWolf> okay, forget I said event.
< herlo> AmbassadorKits are for ad-hoc items.  Chance meetings,
something more inforal
< ke4qqq> plus events would get funding
< herlo> informal
< herlo> we're trying to change that definition for sure. :)
< inode0> I give a talk to 25 people at a local NPO - whether that is
an event or not that is the sort of thing this can be used for and it
wouldn't consume all of it I don't think
< iWolf> i would think you would go through the kit for 25 people,
< herlo> inode0: it probably would, but you could do that once a
quarter and we could easily ship you another prefabbed package
< iWolf> but, i may be wrong.
< inode0> you could but you wouldn't need to
< herlo> its a way of getting resources to people who need them in a
short amount of time without really affecting the budget
< herlo> I can see us possibly adding more Media as well, maybe 20 CDs or so
< iWolf> i guess i don't see it as being enough resources, as I would
think i would go through a kit in pretty short order.
< iWolf> herlo: more media would help.
< herlo> LiveUSBs will be the costly part
< iWolf> herlo: cause the more professional looking media does look
much better than the home burnt stuff.
< herlo> iWolf: well one nice part is the box will be reusable
< herlo> iWolf: agreed
< iWolf> here's the con to Live USBs from my perspective.
< iWolf> they are pricey, and someone could easily just wipe the key
and look at is "hey, free USB key."
< iWolf> it's the whole "bang for the buck" thing.
< iWolf> Now, I would love to see us be able to hand out LiveUSB keys
like candy, they are awesome - but the money thing comes into play.
< herlo> iWolf: I don't disagree
< stickster> iWolf: +1
< herlo> however, I see them as a marketing tool if we put a fedora
label them too
 * quaid offered them with F10 Alpha for anyone who would file a bug :)
< iWolf> herlo: how about USB key stickers?
< herlo> someone gets a free usb stick sure, but so what, fedora was
sure generous!
< ke4qqq> iWolf: they are a bit more than a tshirt - so no real difference
< iWolf> someone brings their own key and we use a LiveUSB station to
make it a Live key and then add a sticker.
< gregdek> We need to get the sticker thing sorted.
< herlo> iWolf: that's my argument, don't do stickers, have them
imprinted.   But that costs more.  Its a debate for us to have when we
have a vendor
< herlo> for now, its a pipe dream
< iWolf> ke4qqq: here is the trick to shirts - we sell them for dirt cheap.
< quaid> I like the bubble stickers
< herlo> iWolf: I don't like the idea of selling them
< quaid> what is cost on a shirt?  print + ship?
< iWolf> herlo: it worked very, very well for us at OLF one year.
< herlo> quaid: I got a price of 4.65 + 1.25 for anything larger than XL
< herlo> that was for approx 55 shirts
< quaid> $6 for a shirt then ...
< herlo> sure
< iWolf> herlo: the theory is, *anyone* will take a free t-shirt, but
it might not get worn.  Pay $10 for a shirt and you will probably wear
< herlo> give or take
 * iWolf has *lots* of free t-shirts in the closet that never get worn
< herlo> iWolf: sure, but to me it looks like we're trying to make
money off them.
 * inode0 has a closet full of free t-shirts he never wears
< herlo> iWolf: I don't, I only have shirts I like.  I have several
free ones I wear
< iWolf> herlo: we explained to everyone that all funds go right back
to Fedora to help get folks to events.
 * herlo thinks its a matter of opinion
< iWolf> people had no issues with it.
< herlo> iWolf: did you sell out?
< iWolf> herlo: I do agree, its a matter of opinion.
< iWolf> herlo: yes, we sold out.
< herlo> iWolf: so one thing I think about that
< herlo> is that this is an event vs informal discussion
< herlo> iWolf: did you sell out at an event?
< herlo> or was it just one or two shirts?
< herlo> see the difference?
< iWolf> herlo: yeah, sold out at an event.
 * inode0 notes that when asked to give a talk at the local church
about the olpc he will not try to sell any swag
< herlo> ambassadorkits will just have a couple, we could give those
away and interest someone who might not otherwise be interested...
< iWolf> herlo: yeah, different scenarios may call for different tactics.
< herlo> iWolf: so we're back to Events vs Ad-Hoc
 * herlo is focusing on Ad-Hoc only atm
< herlo> which is the intent of the AmbassadorKit
< inode0> I think one should just use care in choosing who to give them to
< herlo> I hope I'm not offending or frustrating anyone...
< herlo> for events, let's sell them
 * ke4qqq notes that we are 40 minutes into the meeting but isn't
offended or frustrated
< herlo> for ad-hoc maybe not
< iWolf> herlo: you're fine.
< herlo> :)
< inode0> agreed - do some selling at big events
< herlo> just making sure...
< herlo> so does this make sense for an AmbassdorKit
< ke4qqq> doesn't know about the actual quantity/makeup of contents
but likes the idea.
< inode0> I only see an issue when we have 500 ambassadors giving a talk a month
< stickster> inode0: I long for that problem.
< herlo> inode0: sure, but if we get there, we'll have better problems
to deal with
< ke4qqq> if we have 500 people giving a talk each month we'll get funding
< herlo> stickster: yay!
< inode0> so we have a new goal
< herlo> yup
< ke4qqq> ok so moving on transfer policy?
< rislam> i think so inode0
< herlo> yay
< herlo> +1 for moving forward
< ke4qqq> update on transfer policy for eventbox?
< ke4qqq> herlo?
< ke4qqq> moving forward - iwolf with the move to swag budgets being
moved to owners do we obviate the need for famsco to handle media
production regardless of vendor for NA?
< herlo> oh sorry
< herlo> I'm not ready for that, other than to say that now that I
have a good plan for AmbassadorKit, EventBox will be a breeze
< herlo> next week
< ke4qqq> k
< ke4qqq> and thus can we do away with that task?
< herlo> oh, we're doing tasks aren't we?  I thought that
AmbassadorKit discussion was for the meeting item :) hehe
< herlo> ke4qqq: which task?
< iWolf> ke4qqq: i think a lot depends on the plan for media
production by regional leaders.  i.e. we would want to make sure there
is a solid plan in place for media production.
< iWolf> ke4qqq: does that make sense?  not sure that came out right...
< ke4qqq> or is there still something to be done there?
< ke4qqq> yes
< ke4qqq> iWolf?
< ke4qqq> famsco media production
< ke4qqq> that iwolf had
< ke4qqq> lets change that task then and see if our plan meets with
famsco's approval
< ke4qqq> is that worthwhiel
< ke4qqq> worthwhile even?
< inode0> isn't media production through karlie?
 * herlo will brb
< iWolf> ke4qqq: i think that would be best, you guys come up with a
solid plan and then we run it past famsco - with plenty of lead time
for f10.
< ke4qqq> ok
< iWolf> inode0: NA won't have as much media if it goes through Karlie.
< ke4qqq> lets slate that for Sep1
< ke4qqq> is that ok?
< iWolf> ke4qqq: i think that is a good goal. we can keep famsco/max
updated as things move forward too, if warranted.
< ke4qqq> inode0: no swag is coming from FAMSCO or RH - it's all event
based funding
< ke4qqq> that's handed to the owners
< ke4qqq> ok
 * ke4qqq will change the task shortly
< inode0> sorry, I got muddled on the media production
< ke4qqq> moving on. iWolf: FAD?
< ke4qqq> inode0: so did we, new budget changed everything
< iWolf> ke4qqq: i have the post to the m-l, we sort of talked
schedule in the f-amb channel.  I think its down to me needing to get
off my butt and get the FAD wiki page up with the tentative schedule
and some m-l posts/blog posts out.
< ke4qqq> ok - anything we can help with?
< herlo> back
< iWolf> ke4qqq: everyone nag me if I don't have something up by the
end of the weekend?  :)
< ke4qqq> ok, we can do that. ready to move on?
< iWolf> fine with me.
< ke4qqq> next is must/coulds/shoulds which is mine
< ke4qqq> the page is up here:
< zodbot> <http://tinyurl.com/6f6hth> (at fedoraproject.org)
< herlo> ke4qqq: I thought we were going to put it out to Karlie as an
option to meet what we saw...
< herlo> pricewise and such...
< herlo> sorry to move us backward
< ke4qqq> herlo: we are to work on it as regional - and report back
< ke4qqq> essentially it becomes our decision
< herlo> regional how?
< herlo> ahh, okay
< ke4qqq> you me and inode0 end up making the decision
< ke4qqq> and famsco gives blessing
< ke4qqq> and rislam
< herlo> moving forward then...
< rislam> :)
< ke4qqq> the above page
< ke4qqq> please edit
< ke4qqq> change
< ke4qqq> comment on
< inode0> comment on coulds - #fedora and other IRC places should have
at least equal billing with fedoraforums.org I think
< ke4qqq> inode0: please make the change on #fedora
< ke4qqq> I mean on
< ke4qqq> the above page
< ke4qqq> hearning nothing else - moving on....herlo care to tackle
the last task
< inode0> I probably have some other thoughts on that page too
< rislam> its already perfect.
< herlo> sure
< herlo> ke4qqq: can do
< herlo> so here's the deal with the last task.  I plan on getting
more feedback in the list over the next few weeks but the idea is that
we're doing much more as NA Ambassadors than we're reporting
< rislam> add finger print and gpg key on the page
< herlo> I'd like to improve that by having the Regionals take on a
reporting / gathering role
< herlo> rislam: where does that fit?
< inode0> those aren't required any more are they?
< inode0> in FAS?
< rislam> to the should
< rislam> "should"
< herlo> oh, okay
 * herlo wasn't sure where that went... sounds good to me
< rislam> when they sending emails or contact other person to the community
< inode0> I thought that was dropped for a reason?!
 * ke4qqq notes we are an hour in
< stickster> inode0: It was dropped as a basic requirement to be a contributor.
< rislam> yeah
< gregdek> Reporting is key, I think.
< stickster> inode0: It's useful for Ambassadors for a number of
reasons, though not requierd.
< herlo> I don't think we have to have it, but I think it'd be okay if
we asked them and they said it could be there
< stickster> *required
< herlo> so I think it goes in 'coulds
< ke4qqq> stickster: reporting is only required for funded events, a
lot is going on without funding
< ke4qqq> and thus unreported
< herlo> but I'd like to see more of the reporting on funded and
unfunded activities
< inode0> wonders about blogging in shoulds to be honest
< ke4qqq> yes, we want to trumpet the stuff that's going on regardless
of funding
< herlo> whether it be as simple as working in #fedora or
fedoraforum.org we should give karma or soemthing for this at minimum
< stickster> ke4qqq meant gregdek probably
< herlo> or LUG meetings that didn't get blogged, but we found out
somehow.  Let's trumpet the horn for them...
< gregdek> It's hard to motivate folks to talk, I think.
 * ke4qqq does'nt think that - most appears to be a percieved lack of authority
< herlo> gregdek: and I think we can talk for them some if they just
even mention it...
< inode0> here is the thing
< ke4qqq> I am going to pick on lcaifero - he asked if he needed
permission to sign up an event in his own state.....wasn't asking for
funding or anything just to show up.
< inode0> some people are comfortable talking to other people, even
large groups, but are less comfortable about blogging about it
< gregdek> Right.
< herlo> inode0: agreed, that's part of the point.  But I want to
track *all* activity we know about in Fedora NA
< inode0> even informal reporting to regional ambassadors who could
pass on a summary would be helpful
< quaid> blog and/or email to list and/or email to regional leader who
can blog about it themselves
< herlo> whether its blogged, emailed or just a rumor that we chase down...
< quaid> inode0: jinx!
< gregdek> It's that lack of authority that we need to explode, too.
< herlo> quaid: right on
< gregdek> I find that everywhere.
< herlo> inode0: right on
 * herlo jinxed himself :)
< herlo> gregdek: clarify your lack of authority exploding statement...
< gregdek> Heh.
 * herlo is confused is all
< stickster> We need to let people know they can claim the power
< gregdek> What I mean is, I think it's not unusual for people to
think they need "permission" to attend an event on Fedora's behalf.
< gregdek> Exactly.
< gregdek> Thanks, stickster.  Much more succinct.
< stickster> me talk pretty
< herlo> stickster: ahh, thx
< herlo> stickster: one day :)
< iWolf> i think this is where the mentoring ideas you guys ( herlo,
inode0 and ke4qqq ) have come into play.
< rislam> i am learning too
< herlo> iWolf: yeah, don't forget about rislam, he's a regional leader too :)
< iWolf> oops! my fault - rislam too!
< rislam> :)
< herlo> hehe
< rislam> thx you all
< herlo> so I think the point of this is to help those who either
aren't reporting or can't report for one reason or another
< rislam> i go with herlo, its true
< herlo> and we track this info, bring it to the famsco meetings and
say look, we have X more events this quarter than were on the events
< ke4qqq> +1
< rislam> the meeting is about to finish, right?
< quaid> do we want a way to actually track the data gathered?
< ke4qqq> yes
< quaid> like a spreadsheet, table, database, etc.
< ke4qqq> we want to track contributors signed up
< ke4qqq> talks given
< ke4qqq> people talked to
< ke4qqq> I am almost convinced we need a CRM type application
< gregdek> KISS.  :)
< quaid> well
 * ke4qqq is getting confused talking to the 4 different schools I am talking to
< quaid> let's start with a CSV file
 * ke4qqq claims the stupid title gregdek applied :)
< quaid> maybe each region keeps one for now?
< quaid> we can merge them regularly, as long as the field names are identical
< quaid> and that can be sucked in to a db in the future if needed.
< ke4qqq> is it a task to develop those fields?
< quaid> <eoidea>
< quaid> yes
< herlo> quaid: I think we could actually keep this in a csv file if
we had a decent CRM :)
< rislam> i have to go now people
< herlo> rislam: thanks
< rislam> i will read the rest with the email send
< ke4qqq> thanks rislam
< herlo> quaid: hmm, interesting thought...
< iWolf> rislam: cya
 * herlo mulls it around his noggin
< rislam> See you soon all
< rislam> tc
< quaid> herlo: keep an ODS file in your fedorapeople place, or we can
make a hosted project for it ...
< quaid> or attach to the wiki
< ke4qqq> quaid: having experience managing a community would you like
to take on the task of developing the info we need to track ?
< herlo> quaid: ooh, I have got it...
< herlo> google doc :)
< quaid> herlo: you looking for a punch in the nose?
< quaid> :D
< herlo> lol
< ke4qqq> ready to move on?
< herlo> quaid: k, let's talk about this a bit more next week...
< herlo> ke4qqq: +1
< ke4qqq> we've talked about item 3 on the agenda already - so we'll
move on past that
< ke4qqq> herlo: UTOSC?
< herlo> ke4qqq: ordered 55 tshirts today, cost about $300
< herlo> looking to create an order for stickers tomorrow
< herlo> have 350 (or so) bits of Media to give away
< herlo> and
< herlo> we have 2 ppl from Fedora (non-ambassadors) coming down to
help man the booth.  Along with Stickster and jsmith
< herlo> things are falling into place quite nicely
< stickster> And quaid, you're sending on some booth deco, yes?
< iWolf> herlo: sounds like they are coming together quite nicely.
< herlo> any suggestions out there?  I will have a few dollars left
over at this point probably, but I figure I can use that to ship the
eventbox (which quaid is shipping next week)
< quaid> stickster: aye
< stickster> herlo: Blue painters tape
< stickster> 1 roll.
< quaid> herlo: which is just a mailing tube at the moment, plus a few
hooks and stuff I'll tuck in with the t-shirts
< herlo> iWolf: yes, I'm excited.  Things are moving quite nicely.  In
fact, tonight I'm installing 5 fedora boxen for the
presenters/slides/recording etc
< herlo> stickster: good call, but UTOSC will have that for you
< stickster> hee hee
< herlo> quaid: I intend to improve that with some of the leftover funds as well
< herlo> won't be a ton, but probably enoughfor a shipping box
(lightweight) and shipping itself
< herlo> of course, it depends on how difficult it will be to work
with the tubes...
< herlo> I should point out that UTOSC has solidified the booths and
fedora will get either an 8x10 or a 6x10 booth, but should be plenty
< stickster> Sure sounds that way to me
 * stickster will try to steal his daughter's XO.
< herlo> stickster: I have one too.  Was considering upgrading it to F9 version
< ke4qqq> gregdek: any update on my XO idea?
< quaid> herlo: the tube isn't required, actually; the big banner
roles up fairly short, as long as it can avoid being crushed
< quaid> maybe cut the tub in half so it fits in a box :)
 * quaid realizes he can do that with the t-shirts too
< gregdek> ke4qqq: Nope.
< stickster> herlo: Is there anything you're depending on me to bring?
other than a good attitude and some speechifying?
< herlo> quaid: I'll see what I can do.  Was thinking a small long box
might just do it...
< herlo> stickster: not that I can think of, heard Fedora had a flag,
but otherwise, I'll be at the airport around 6:30-6:45pm on Wednesday
to pick you up :)
< quaid> herlo: I'll do some measurements; if it's worth it, I'll saw
the tube down (60/40), seal one end, and fit it all within the big box
< stickster> We haz a flag?
< herlo> dunno, just heard tht
< herlo> that
 * stickster has never seen it if so
< herlo> quaid: k, cool
< stickster> gregdek: quaid: do you know anything about this flag?
< inode0> stickster: you should have a flag!
< gregdek> Banner?
< stickster> I know we have some sort of vinyl or cloth banner
< gregdek> I know about banners.
< gregdek> We've got four:
< herlo> dunno, I was just told this once, but I have no credible resource
< stickster> That's what quaid is sending, I thought.
< gregdek> Yes, that's what I thought too.
< gregdek> One Big Fedora Banner.
< inode0> what great pictures we could have of the flag being planted
as Fedora claims one event after another
< herlo> okay, all is well
< gregdek> Three Little Fedora Posters.
< herlo> w00t! I'm happy to print more posters too...
< quaid> herlo: we need one or two live USB posters, on vinyl, with
grommets, and have them be generic enough to use for multiple
< herlo> I can do that probably.  We'll see how my time is early next week
 * quaid wonders ... when does shipping this stuff around cover the
cost of "everyone having a set"
< herlo> quaid: I like the one that EMEA created
< herlo> quaid: again, EventBox v AmbassadorKit
< herlo> we *wont* have EventBoxen for everyone
< quaid> herlo: I'm going to be back and forth at Kinkos the next few
days; let's talk outside of the meeting, I could get it done and just
include it in the shipping.
< quaid> herlo: I know, theoretically, yes, but ...
 * quaid wonders ... when does shipping this stuff around cover the
cost of "everyone having a set"
< gregdek> Bedtime for me, folks.
< quaid> I just recommend we do the analysis, that's all
< herlo> quaid: sounds good
< quaid> gnight greggie
< iWolf> i have an email that covers some of that question.
< inode0> or at least one person in each big conference city having one
< ke4qqq> thanks gregdek
< gregdek> Take care all.  G'nite.
< iWolf> i'll try to dig it up, not sure if it was to an m-l or a
smaller group of people.
< herlo> inode0: I don't think that's necessary
< iWolf> but there is another factor, making it easier for an
ambassador to work an event.
< herlo> unless you are referring to Chicago, NY, etc...
< inode0> I was
< inode0> not Chicago really
< iWolf> you can ship from a central location for $80 or less (if you
can piggyback on an employer's shipping deal).
 * stickster is getting ready to hang it up too
 * stickster assumes UTOSC part of the convo is over
< herlo> iWolf: agreed...
< ke4qqq> yes lets move on
< herlo> stickster: yep
< herlo> +1 moving on
< ke4qqq> we've talked about ambassador kit
< ke4qqq> so can we move on to open flooor?
< inode0> does stickster want to talk about tonight's mail?
< stickster> inode0: Oh sure
< stickster> But really it's all in the email.
 * herlo has to still read that email...
< inode0> shall we make an item for next week then to discuss how to
handle new recruits at conferences?
< stickster> I want to see if we can't have some sort of facility in
FAS so that when an Amb signs up a new contributor, we have a way of
(1) making a list of those people afterward, and (2) having a way of
assigning them to people for further mentoring if desired
< herlo> oh, I did see that, +1
< quaid> this could tie in with a skill set tracker
< ke4qqq> +1 don't know if fas is the way to do it, but think we need
to track and followup
< inode0> FAS would be great for booth signups
< stickster> ke4qqq: Yeah, if possible you really don't want to set up
a whole different system for this.
< ke4qqq> will ambassadors require special perms to see that though?
 * herlo thinks FAS is the way
< stickster> ke4qqq: The coolest (and might be easy) way to do this is
to have the equivalent of "foocon08.join.fp.o" which will
automatically give the contributor the necessary tags
< stickster> The procedure won't change, just the site you use.
< stickster> Ideally, that could be set up by request or automation.
< inode0> which would be simple and convenient for us
< stickster> ke4qqq: And if special perms are needed, we can do that
through the FAS groups.
< stickster> So that's it in a nutshell.
 * stickster done and really ready to drop.
< inode0> night and thanks
< herlo> me too, I'm done
< ke4qqq> clsoing meeting in 5
< ke4qqq> 4
< ke4qqq> 3
< ke4qqq> 2
< ke4qqq> 1
< ianweller> *boom*
< ke4qqq> good night all thanks for coming
< herlo> ke4qqq: thx
< ke4qqq> np
< quaid> cheers, thx
< ke4qqq> thx
< inode0> you did a good job lurking ianweller
< ke4qqq> yeah join in next time ianweller
< herlo> ke4qqq: next week I won't be at the meeting...
< herlo> I'll try to get you updates by friday btw...
< ke4qqq> ok
< ke4qqq> sounds good

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