[Ambassadors] New member from Japan. :)

David Ramsey diamond_ramsey at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 17 18:11:25 UTC 2008

Hello Everyone,

Greetings.  :)

My name is David.  :)

I'm located in Japan and I want to help sponsor good introductions of Fedora to the Japan User Community.  :)

I use Fedora 9 on an x86 platform via a virtual environment.  My work station computer is about 10GB of RAM with 8 CPUs on an x64 platform.  :)

My hardware wishlist is a new video card and hmmh, a new harddrive or two.  I'm down to 25GB free space left...  ;)

Please have a good day!  :~)

Thank You
- David -
David Ramsey
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