[Ambassadors] NA Ambassadors Meeting 2008-08-20 Meeting Summary

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 14:12:26 UTC 2008

David Nalley led the meeting.

* News from FAmSCo - Jeffrey Tadlock, no news this week.

* Current status of tasks

  + Progress made contacting existing ambassadors.
  + Updates on the creation of Ambassador Kits and Event Boxes.
  + Clint Savage reports fantastic pricing for the production of media.
  + Planet aggregation added - help ambassadors get on the planet.
  + Musts/Shoulds/Coulds - lively discussion with lots of expected changes
      here in the near future.
  + Event/activity tracking - ongoing discussion.

* Fedora Ambassadors Day NA 2008 - Jeffrey Tadlock, wiki page up, campaign
  to publicize the event to be held during the Ohio LinuxFest to commence
  now, details on scheduling specific activities at FADNA2008 to be worked
  out soon.

* The Education Strategy - some discussion of the post to f-a-l about what
  Jack Aboutboul calls the Fedora Education Strategy. There should be a fair
  amount of follow-up on this topic on f-a-l and elsewhere as it is an area
  that many ambassadors care about.

I would like the thank the new folks who participated in the meeting this
week. They added to the meeting and volunteered to do work!

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