[Ambassadors] China's Second Ambassador comes back.

Nathanael Lee cnblue at fedoraproject.org
Sat Aug 23 12:28:50 UTC 2008

 jsimon and every ambassadors,

Hi! I did not see everybody here so long time since I left for my study in
the university. I am almost the second ambassador,have leaded this Chinese
team in China,maybe you can find my first email sent to this group with
haowei2007 at gmail.com.

My English name is Nathanel Lee and Chinese name is Haowei Lee.I have been
focusing on linux desribution and fedora since 2005.Now,I work in Chongqing
China as an English interpreter and a very free system engineer. In this
year,I have been awarded by Microsoft for Community Influencer Certificate
for my outstanding technical support of Windows Live.

At present,I do plan for set up one site for Fedora in China.I have searched
in Baidu.com and Google.com.Because I rearly found enough resource and
information for our Chinese people.

I warmly welcome any ambassador who need help when there is something
involve Chinese.You can contact me by this email.Also you can contact me by
popular MSN. My MSN is nathanael at msn.cn

Thank you very much! Thank you Fedoraproject!

Best Regards for all of you,

Nathanael Lee
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