[Ambassadors] China Fedora Support Community welcome all of you to join us

Nathanael Lee haowei2008 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 06:48:18 UTC 2008

Yes,of course. I contacted the founder of most popular community of Fedora and talk about my plan to him. So if you are not from China,don't need to be worried.  Our site will offer the languages both in Chinese and in English so every memeber here can read and participate.

Now we are doing basic and development plan for this new site. We have determinded to use VBB programme to set up this site. Planning work are very in details so maybe we need some time before the site comes out perfectly.

If any body here are intersted in our site or you have some idea about this site.Please contact me freely.I will be very happy to meet you and talk it with you.Thanks a lot for all of you!

My MSN:  nathanael at msn.cn                     My AIM:  haowei2008

Best Regards,

Nathanel Lee from China 


Nathanael Lee 

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Nathanael -
> Honest members of Fedora Project:
> Hi,all users and all ambassadors,I have got this idea since I first come to
> join Fedora project. However,at that time I was in my university life,do not
> have so enough time to do this important thing.
> At present,as an ambassador of China,I am so exciting to tell all of you
> that there is a community which will try his best to do all support affairs
> in China comes out today! This is China Fedora
> Community(http://www.fedoraforum.org.cn).
Well done.  Does your site have a way for non-Chinese readers to read
and post?  I would very much want to participate, but my lack of Chinese
knowledge is going to be a challenge.
> Now,I am so single to do this community.The most important thing for me to
> do now is to make a good style of our community and do some plan for our
> community development.I send this email to all of you in order to inform all
> that there is a community keep to support Fedora all the time.I do really
> hope that there will be some friends not only from China but also from all
> of the world can give us good advice to help our work for fedora support.I
> will warmly welcome all of you.
> Best Regards for all of you,
> Nathanael Lee from China
> 2008.8.24
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